Rarely can Mexican athletes boast of being the best in their field, however, Rafael Ortiz, who practices extreme kayaking, is considered number one in the world by the rest of the community that practices the sport. In an interview with Diario de Mexico, the kayaker confessed that it has not been easy to get to where he is, because he has overcome many difficulties in his beginnings, in addition to meeting certain requirements needed to stay at the top of the discipline.

"It took me about four or five years to get to Red Bull, I proved to be top national and international, in addition to showing interest, personality, and ability to practice the sport. The Mexico City native thanked his parents who gave him a team at the age of 14, as kayaking became his favorite sport and his source of income.

"My family had a ranch in Veracruz since I was a kid I went there and started rowing, and from there I was lucky enough to be given a kayak, I am the most passionate about the sport and I can live thanks to it," he said. Likewise, Ortiz highlighted visiting a great part of the world, since the sport he practices makes use of it to travel constantly.

"I have had the good fortune to grow in New Zealand, Australia, India, Pakistan, Africa, Austria, Germany, Brazil, and Chile, it is a good excuse to travel and visit various places".

When asked about the main purpose of the kayak, Ortiz explained that "the goal is to get from a point 'A' to a point 'B' making a good journey. We are looking for rivers that have a certain bravura and water level, as well as rivers that are classified from 1 to 6 and currently I am rowing in those that are classified in category 6 that are practically impossible to row".

Finally, he said that extreme kayaking may be a little exclusive, but he considers that there are no impossibilities in this life. "The sport can be elitist because of the cost of the equipment and the transfers you have to make to practice it, but the will is power," he concluded.