Expedia will seek to consolidate within the national tourism


As part of its plans for this year, Expedia will seek to have a greater presence in domestic tourism in the country, said Freddy Dominguez, general director of the firm in Mexico and Central America.


In an interview with En Concreto, the director of Expedia Group said that 2019 is the year in which they will approach the Mexican market, since their focus has been mainly on attracting international travelers.

"We want to pay special attention to the Mexican traveler so that they know their country. The idea is to do a whole campaign of media promotion to be locally relevant ".

To fulfill this purpose, the firm hopes to open another office in the Bajío, although they are still in the stage of talks, although he said that "conveniently it would be in León, Queretaro, but it will depend on the negotiations.

Expedia Group has been present in Mexico for 10 years. Its original offices are in Cancún, Quintana Roo; and Mexico City. Their expansion plans allowed them to locate in Monterrey and Guadalajara for three years; while Mérida joined its portfolio just this 2019.

Without specifying the amount, Freddy Domínguez explained that they will allocate twice as much resources as they did last year to advertise in mass media, mainly television; Internet and the relaunching of your travel inspiration blog.

"If we are not present in the day-to-day market, we can lose contact with reality, hence the need for this campaign."

He also recalled that in 2017 they were responsible for attracting 7 million of the 39.9 million tourists who visited the country, that is, 18% of the travelers; so they hope to continue with this figure this year.

On the other hand, before these plans and with the new tourism policy that Mexico has, in which promotion rules were changed, the manager indicated that although there is a general uncertainty in all the economic aspects of the country, he has confidence in this administration.

"I have no sign that things will be different. We have worked with three administrations of different political parties and everything has gone well. We are open to collaborate whatever the tourist policy ".

Finally, Freddy Domínguez said that they are ready to attend the Tianguis Turístico 2019, which will take place next April, in Acapulco, Guerrero.

"We have a full agenda to meet, mainly, with hoteliers from Mexico. We usually have 40 appointments, because not all of them are held inside the convention center. We hope everything goes like a year ago in Mazatlan, when we completed 50 businesses, "he concluded.

via: En Concreto