Excursions for senior travelers in Mexico

Several hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, buses, and even airlines have agreements so that all those elderly people who want to travel, can do so.

Excursions for senior travelers in Mexico
Gone is the image of the old hermits; now, the elderly have become luxury explorers.

For some years, senior adults are seen in another way; this potential niche forced some service providers to establish spaces, furniture, and material to seduce what was known as the gray market.

Tourism was not the exception, in 2012 the G label emerged in Mexico, a recognition granted to companies in the sector that offer attractiveness for seniors with high-quality standards. This started gerontological tourism.

Several hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, buses, and even airlines have agreements so that all those elderly people who want to travel, can do so.

TURISSSTE, for example, has 34 agencies in the national territory where packages are offered that adapt to the traveler's needs. For its part, in Mexico City, there is the program "Traveling is life" that has the advantage of being able to pay with the Alimentary Pension card. Also, on each trip, there is a doctor and a tourist guide, trained to attend to any inconvenience.

Unlike other people, older adults are mostly retired, which allows them to walk at any time of the year without being subject to a holiday period.

According to the Mexican Association of Hotels and Motels (AMHM), this sector prefers to travel during the low season, and contrary to what one might think, "senior" tourists are more inclined to cultural sites to sun and beach destinations, although not discard.

Rest and well-being are a priority when older adults travel; therefore, two destinations stand out for being enabled to make them inclusive. In front of the Founders Park of Playa del Carmen, there is a beach in which access ramps were added to the seashore, water beds, amphibious walkers, and special canes for the blind.

This concept was replicated in Cuastecomate, Costalegre, Jalisco, with the difference that the whole town adapted, so there are no differences or obstacles. In addition, there are Braille signs, spaces for pets, and two portable defibrillator devices for emergencies.

According to the Tourism Product Innovation Program of Sectur, San Miguel de Allende, Los Cabos, Mazatlan, and Mérida are the preferred sites of the elderly, but what makes them so attractive for this community?

San Miguel de Allende

It stands out for being picturesque and cosmopolitan at the same time. Its climate is temperate, ideal for foreigners fleeing the harsh winters, even make it their residence, the majority coming from Canada and the United States

Los Cabos

A dynamic mix of desert landscapes, mountainous areas, and dream beaches, which has allowed a steady growth of the real estate industry, aimed at retired people and pensioners.


One of the best places to practice golf and fishing, in waters where the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean merge. A cultural show can be seen along its Malecon with its sculptures and if you are in a festive mood, the Mazatlan Carnival.


Its richness lies in the extensive history that goes from the pre-Hispanic times and its impressive archaeological sites, passing through the henequen haciendas converted into boutique hotels, to sumptuous buildings along the Paseo de Montejo as the Canton Palace, without forgetting the delicious Yucatecan gastronomy.