Exclusive cryptocurrency for tourism launched in Mexico

The first exclusive cryptocurrency for the sector that verifies payments through blockchain technology.

Exclusive cryptocurrency for tourism launched in Mexico
Bellinus cryptocurrency. Image: Crypto illustration

To optimize financial resources in the tourism industry, the first exclusive cryptocurrency for the sector that verifies payments through blockchain technology that combines, in addition, artificial intelligence, began circulating in Mexico a month ago.

Bellinus is the name of the virtual currency that will allow companies to join a new sector (cryptocurrencies-blockchain) that is growing several users at fast-pace all over the world.

Within the same project, Smart Travel will develop. It is an application that through artificial intelligence can study the tastes, interests, budgets, and preferences of its users to provide a fully personalized travel experience.

"Mexico has been chosen because in recent years has experienced a remarkable growth in tourism and shows that in 2018, according to the UNWTO, it ranked in the 6th place in the world top ten of countries visited around the world, with 39,300,000 visitors, the only Latin American and the second in the entire continent, within this top ten. Bellinus intends to promote and contribute to the growth and development of Mexican tourism with the use and application of Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence technologies to be the spearhead and expand in Latin America and the world ", says Kevin Lzeo, CEO of Bellinus, in interview with REPORTUR.mx.

Which companies in the sector have decided to market with cryptocurrency?

We are in the process of affiliation with all those companies that provide tourist services (lodging, food, transport, leisure, etc.). This procedure is completely free and simple, and we are granting bonuses to all the first 500 companies around the world that are joining the platform.

Why should a company or individual use Bellinus?

In addition to the benefits of using blockchain to make transactions that are safe, fast, transparent, and with zero or very low commissions, Bellinus is focused and destined so that its use is exclusive to the tourism sector, seeking to become the leading cryptocurrency in the sector. and preferably for international tourists.

How does the company's expansion continue?

In the short term, Bellinus's vision is in Mexico and Latin America, it is planned that by the middle of 2020 it may expand to another of the markets with greater tourism growth in recent years, the Asia-Pacific region, following this expansion towards the tourist powers and positioned as they are Europe and North America.