Entre Hombres, the new HBO mini-series based on the book by Germán Maggiori


HBO prepares a new original production made in Argentina, ENTRE HOMBRES, a miniseries of 4 episodes of an hour based on the homonymous novel by Argentinian Germán Maggiori. 

ENTRE HOMBRES: a new original HBO production for Latin America. Image: HBO
ENTRE HOMBRES: a new original HBO production for Latin America. Image: HBO

The production will be made in conjunction with Pol-ka under the direction of Pablo Fendrik, who was also the director of HBO's original production, EL JARDÍN DE BRONCE. The script is from Maggiori himself, in collaboration with Fendrik.

ENTRE HOMBRES is located in 1996, in the low funds of Buenos Aires, where there are no differences between saints and sinners. A banned party, a murder that must be silenced and a VHS cassette will be the elements that will unite a history full of blood and violence in a brutal, hopeless world.

"From HBO we continue betting on good stories. In this sense, Argentina has always been a source of talent and inspiration for our productions. ENTRE HOMBRES is a visceral work and we are very proud of this new project that will allow us to bring this magnificent cult novel to a large audience on the HBO screen, "assured Roberto Rios, Corporate Vice President of Original Production at HBO Latin America.

ENTRE HOMBRES was born as a novel of black police genre created by Maggiori shortly before Argentina entered the crisis of 2001, presenting a convulsed urban landscape, marked by intense violence and moral, political and social decomposition. The novel was transformed after a few years into a cult work, awarded and praised by critics.

Germán Maggiori
Germán Maggiori

The announcement of this new production takes place a few weeks before the premiere of the second season of EL JARDÍN DE BRONCE, the successful Argentine series of HBO Latin America, whose first season was seen in more than 50 countries around the world.

ENTRE HOMBRES will have the executive production by Luis F. Peraza, Roberto Rios and Paul Drago on the part of HBO Latin America Originals and by Adrián Suar and Diego Andrasnik on the part of Pol-Ka.ill


The meeting between a banker, a judge and a Senator, men of renown in Argentina, who meet two transvestites and a young prostitute in a luxurious apartment in Buenos Aires to have a sexual encounter. Drugs are present in this orgy and rain of fluids. Alcohol and cocaine are not spared.

Book cover Entre Hombres
Book cover Entre Hombres

In the middle of the climax, the prostitute suffers a heart attack due to the excesses consumed. Everything is filmed without any of those present knowing it yet. The aim is to end any clue, any witness to bed of everything and everyone to keep their image intact.

However, the VHS that recorded the entire tragic scene will be a path of death, destruction, and madness that will initiate an intense search to avoid tarnishing their status, as collected by HBO.

With this premise, he begins his book Germán Maggiori which now becomes a series.


With series like this or the Colombian Mil Colmillos, HBO seeks to re-position itself in the Latin market and continue telling stories in the best way to achieve success among audiences as it did with the Mexican series Sr. Avila, starring Tony Dalton, which in 2017 obtained an International Emmy in the category of Best Primetime Program of Non-English Speaking.

HBO prepares a new original production made in Argentina, ENTRE HOMBRES (AMONG MEN in English)
HBO prepares a new original production made in Argentina, ENTRE HOMBRES (AMONG MEN in English)

"To tell in the best possible way. The commitment to search editorially for the best storytellers, the best story, the best way to produce it. I believe that there is a diversity of talent in the more than 25 Latin American countries that show that there is still a lot to tell," Roberto Ríos, corporate vice president of original production for HBO Latin America, told the media on February.

On the other hand, Paul Drago, original production director for HBO Latin America, recalled that although the way of consuming this type of productions has already evolved, the HBO company has the HBO Go platform to reach more people and reach better.

"We are taking local content in different ways to consume the content we are generating, and that has been really super propositive because nothing else is Latin America, the content is being consumed in many territories such as Europe, United States, through HBO Latino," he concluded.

By Mexicanist Source: HBO

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