The barrier between home and work has collapsed, and one consequence is that seven out of ten employers cannot find the characteristics and skills they require in workers, warned Carmen Ofelia García Gómez, manager of Government Liaison and Institutional Relations at ManpowerGroup.

For the expert, a graduate in International Relations from UNAM, work will never be the same again, since the world has been "reset" in terms of labor with the sanitary emergency and its confinement measures. Delivering the lecture "Skills to stay employable", in the virtual room of the Faculty of Sciences (FC) of UNAM, she stated, "Recruiters registered a deficit of what they were looking for of up to 42 percent in 2011; it dropped in 2013 with 38 percent and has risen to 74 percent in 2021". In this context, microenterprises face difficulties in finding workers for certain positions. According to the specialist, there is a shortage of talent in Mexico and the world.

The master in Governance and Public Management from the Complutense University of Madrid and the Ortega y Gasset University Institute considered that this may be because digitalization has changed the old ways of working, a situation that is not exclusive to large or medium-sized companies, but to any field. Although it will depend on numerous factors, work at home or "home office" will appear more frequently, even at the end of the health emergency. "This is because we have already seen that it works and that it has advantages, which is why it will be presented with greater recurrence with a percentage of between 20 to 30 percent of people worldwide," she emphasized.

Most required skills

Some of the most required skills currently required by employers in the country are reliability and discipline; collaboration and teamwork; initiative; resilience, stress tolerance, and adaptability; as well as leadership and social influence. "Always answer for the success of a project making you a reliable person, and in addition to collaborating with teamwork, they are also fundamental in addition to having initiative; no one has to tell you what to do, you know what to perform to complete the overall objectives," she highlighted.

What is the trend?

García Gómez outlined the roles with the highest demand in the industry in Mexico: operations and logistics; manufacturing-production; sales and marketing; administration-office support; and customer service. As for the most sought-after positions, they are: analysts and data scientists; Machine Learning specialists; Big Data; digital strategy and marketing; process automation; business development; digital transformation; information security analysts; software and application developers; and specialists in the internet of things.

With decreasing labor demand: data capture assistants; administrative and executive secretaries; accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll personnel; accountants and auditors; assembly and factory workers; business services and administration managers; reporting and support workers; general and operations managers; machinery mechanics and repairers; as well as material and inventory record keepers.

Source: UNAM