226 families affected and more than 220 uninhabitable homes after the earthquake in Peru

A strong earthquake in Peru, Loreto was 8 degrees, according to the latest update of the IGP.

226 families affected and more than 220 uninhabitable homes after the earthquake in Peru

The number of deaths increased to two, due to the strong earthquake of magnitude 7.5 with an epicenter in Loreto, according to the latest report from the National Emergency Operations Center (COEN). It is a teenager who died in Carhuabamba, located in the annex of Pueblo Nuevo, district and province of Pataz (La Libertad).

The news program 90 Matinal reported that the victim lost his life after receiving a blow with an iron on his head when he was about to evacuate his home during the seismic movement that occurred early on Saturday.

The coordinator of the COEN, Ricardo Seijas, explained that after new monitoring so far reports 226 families affected, 284 families affected, 15 injured, 228 uninhabitable homes, 284 affected homes, and 22 educational institutions affected, 24 uninhabitable educational centers.

They also reported 26 affected health centers, 6 affected public places, and 11 affected temples in various regions of our country due to the earthquake.

Finally, he indicated that they will continue monitoring to provide more up-to-date information.

The Executive declared today in a state of emergency the province of the High Amazon of the region Loreto by disasters before the occurrence of the earthquake of 8 degrees of magnitude happened the dawn of Saturday.

The measure also reaches the district of Pastaza in the province of Datem del Marañon (Loreto). In addition to the jurisdictions of Condebamba, Cajabamba province, and Gregorio Pita of the province of San Marcos, of the Cajamarca region

The earthquake was 8.0 degrees

The strong earthquake in Peru this dawn, which in the first report was classified as 7.5 degrees on the scale of Richter, was updated by the IGP as of 8.0 degrees. The telluric movement had a depth of 135 kilometers with grade VI-VII, 60 kilometers south of Lagunas de Yurimaguas, Alto Amazonas, in Loreto.

The earthquake in Peru, Loreto was recorded around 2:40 this morning frightening the Peruvians, who mostly rested. In social networks, users said they lived moments of anguish, so many ran out of their homes to get safe. In Amazonas, thousands took to the streets and indicated that many were in a panic because the strong tremor did not even let them walk.

Emergency in Loreto

According to RPP News, in Loreto, some old houses have collapsed. In Yurimaguas, a family has been trapped and some people are expected to be rescued. In several hospitals in Peru, panic seized some people, so they proceeded to evacuate the sick from the emergency area.

"The event, as we know, has happened around 2 in the morning. The epicenter is located in the north of Pucallpa. The event has been perceived with a fairly large radio. Lima, Junín, Pasco, and Iquitos, where there has been a power cut, "Hernando Tavera, president of the IGP, told RPP.

Material damage

"Peruvian police agents are patrolling the streets to calm the population and receive information on housing collapses due to the strong earthquake," the Interior Ministry said through its Twitter account.

The Police of Peru has notified that in the capital of the province of Alto Amazonas, Yurimaguas, there have been several collapses of houses. In these circumstances, the troops "provide protection and calm to the affected population."

The mayor of Lagunas, place of the epicenter of the earthquake, reported that the earthquake left the city in complete darkness.

"The city is in complete darkness, I can not give an exact report, because we can not travel the entire city (...) Yes there is internal damage The population is in the streets and waiting, there is material damage, but we are waiting for There is electricity (...) Yes, there are people affected throughout the city, it has been very exasperating and I could not even mobilize."

The first report of the National Emergency Operations Center (COEN) is that there are injured people and 16 affected homes. This first report is preliminary. The head of Indeci, Jorge Chávez Cresta, ruled out that a tsunami will occur on the Peruvian coast.

President Vizcarra

President Martín Vizcarra arrived in Yurimaguas, where he directly verified the situation for the adoption of urgent measures in the face of the emergency.

The Head of State traveled to Yurimaguas accompanied by the Ministers of Health, Zulema Tomás; and Transport and Communications, María Jara; as well as the head of the National Institute of Civil Defense, Jorge Luis Chávez. Congressmen Jorge Meléndez and Patricia Donayre are also in the area.

"I'm going with the Minister of Transportation to see the state of passability of the road from Yurimaguas to Tarapoto to make the evaluation of the bridge, that we have received information, it has collapsed."

The purpose of the visit is to restore a temporary bridge to guarantee transit in the area affected by the earthquake, the dignitary said. Also, the minister of Health will supervise the health establishments and will work for the restoration of basic services in the affected localities.

Theft in affected homes

After the magnitude 8.0 earthquake registered in the Loreto region, the Alto Amazonas Public Prosecutor's Office (Loreto) has been coordinating actions with the National Police of Peru to prevent theft of affected homes.

Through Twitter, the Public Prosecutor's Office informed that the on-call prosecutor, José Monroe, is in charge of such coordination and that prosecutors from the Yurimaguas area carry out inspections of the affected places.

Likewise, the Alto Amazonas Public Prosecutor's Office indicated through the social network that no deceased was registered as a result of the earthquake.

According to the latest report from the National Emergency Operations Center, the earthquake has left one person dead and 11 injured. As it is remembered, the Peruvian Geophysical Institute in the last update revealed that the quake was of magnitude 8.0.

Prisoners escape in the middle of the earthquake

A group of prisoners would have escaped in the middle of the 8.0 earthquake in the Peruvian Amazon.

A video recorded in a Yurimaguas police station shows when agents feel the movement of the earth. The seconds pass without the shaking stops. The man who records the video, apparently a commander, orders to open the doors of the cells where there are detainees.

Once out on the street, you see both agents leave and be arrested. The recording subject realizes that there is no control and asks the agents to take a detainee.

"Hold each one, fuck!" Shouts the policeman.

The images show that some of the subjects seem to take advantage of the situation to escape. The city of Loreto would be the most affected urban area. The tremor was also felt in Ecuador, Colombia, and Brazil.

Infidel man is discovered after a strong earthquake in Loreto

The cheating of a man came to light in the middle of the 8.0 magnitude earthquake in Tarapoto, in the San Martin region. The subject's sister-in-law was the one who discovered him with his lover, both half-naked and nervous about the earthquake.

The infidels were left terrified of a house before the panic by the earthquake; without thinking that they would be discovered.

According to the Facebook page, Loreto Informa pointed out that the man would have called his wife to say that he "would not get home for work reasons" when in reality he was in his lover's house.

When at 02:41 in the morning when the earthquake began, the man and his lover fearful of the telluric movement, decided to evacuate to the streets of Tarapoto. However, just a few houses were the sister-in-law of the subject who was at a party. It is at that moment, that seeing him half-naked with another woman who was not his sister, he claimed his infidelity.

After a few minutes, the deceived wife appeared and a scandal ensued. The neighbors and witnesses tried to calm them down, but the shouts and complaints did not stop until the relatives of those involved came and took them away.