Singer Dua Lipa celebrates the New Year in Tulum despite the pandemic

This weekend social networks exploded after several photos were published in which the singer Dua Lipa appears cooling off on the beaches of Tulum.

Singer Dua Lipa celebrates the New Year in Tulum despite the pandemic
Dua Lipa in Tulum, Mexico. Image: screenshot

Dua Lipa welcomed the new year in Tulum despite the COVID-19 pandemic and her images triggered strong controversy in networks. Users' opinions were divided: some were excited because the artist was in Mexico, others criticized her for taking a vacation in the middle of a contingency.

The social networks exploded over the weekend after several photos were released showing the singer Dua Lipa cooling off on the beaches of Tulum, in the Riviera Maya.

It seems that the 25-year-old singer chose the paradisiacal Mexican destination to say goodbye to 2020 and receive 2021. In some of the images that began to circulate in social networks, she can be seen with her boyfriend, Anwar Hadid. In others, she appears with her sister Rina, along with a group of people, in the sea.

Immediately these photos began to be shared, the subject went viral. The reactions to the interpreter's vacation in "Don't start now" were divided. On the one hand, her Mexican followers who supported her stay in the country began to joke that they would like to be on that beach in the Mexican Caribbean:

"Dua Lipa in Mexico, at Tulum beach. Tulum, there I go".

"Those who are calling Dua Lipa a covidiot for being on the beach in Tulum, do you remember that she gave us the album of the year? She can do whatever she wants. Period".

"I can't wait to go to Tulum to meet Dua Lipa".

On the other hand, comments abounded that reproached the British artist's actions, pointing out that she is vacationing in Tulum in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. The growth of cases and deaths keeps a large part of Mexico under strict measures of contiguity.

The users complained about the fact that the singer seems to be ignoring the confinement that is being urged in several countries around the world, including Mexico, and pointed out that in the photos taken she was not even wearing a mask.

"Is Dua Lipa also a covidiot for vacationing in Tulum during the pandemic?

"There must be room for prudence in someone, and conscience. Apparently, Dua Lipa is not one of them, but the rest of us should. There are people who are still out of work, who have lost family, or who are still fighting from a hospital. Don't be stupid.

"Dua Lipa in Tulum is officially a covidiot".

"I haven't had any meetings, I haven't seen my family for a month or more. While Dua Lipa and his entourage are in Tulum where the people who work in the hotels do not have good housing conditions, the epidemiological traffic light is going to change in the Riviera thanks to these actions".

At the beginning of this year, Cancun broke its hotel occupancy record since the pandemic hit Mexico, after registering a 57% occupancy rate with more than 45 thousand vacationers eager to celebrate the new year, according to the municipal tourism director, Frank Lopez Reyes.

And precisely Tulum was one of the Mexican beaches that looked quite crowded during the December festivities, despite the sanitary contiguity of the coronavirus.

However, the great festivities didn't take place, because even though Quintana Roo has remained at a yellow traffic light, the Governor, Carlos Joaquín González, extended the health safety measures until January 15.

These included the obligatory use of mouth guards, meetings limited to 10 people, and the cancellation of all social events for the December festivities, prompting restaurants in the hotel zone and downtown to cancel New Year's Eve dinner packages and some lodging centers to opt for take-out only packages.