Dorados de Sinaloa reaped its third consecutive loss against the Cimarrones in Mexico

Maradona's team missed countless opportunities to score and still have no points in the tournament.

The Sinaloa Dorados of Diego Armando Maradona fell by 0-1 against the Cimarrones de Sonora and added their third defeat in three games played in the Ascent MX.

Despite having dominated for almost the entire game, Dorados could not specify any of the numerous chances that his players had. The American Rubio Méndez wasted several opportunities with everything in favor, the Mexican Fernando Arce missed a header and Jesus Escoboza was close with a shot from mid-distance.

In the 50th minute Arce finished poorly in a corner kick, 53 Rubio shot wide and in the 56 the Argentine Fabian Bordagaray missed a clear goal move.

In the second half, Salvador Reyes capitalized one of the only two arrivals of his team and scored the winning goal that placed Cimarrones as the tournament's leader and sank in the bottom of the table Maradona's team.

Dorados went to look for the tie and but suffered again the lack of efficiency of their players. In the 63rd minute, Méndez missed two shots in a row and after a few minutes, Arce had a heads up but he gave the ball to the goalkeeper.

At a press conference, Maradona put a cold cloth on the situation. "This is resolved only with work," he said, adding: "Do not give up, because when last year they said we were not going to the group, we went to the league."

"I ask you to be cautious, do not magnify this, but we are doing badly in football if a winning team puts ten men in their area, the football is going down, it is not improving," said the Ten in reference to the proposal. of the match that Cimarrones made after taking the lead.

"We came out of this one, without any doubt, in the last championship we had 50 percent of the football quality of today, now we have quality and good people," the Argentine coach said.