Get ready for camping in Distrito Zion Fest 2019


That's right, as you just read, Zion District in its second edition will offer camping to all attendees.

District Zion Fest
District Zion Fest

On May 11, Distrito Zion Fest returns and its organizers confirmed that the event will be held in El León Cuautitlan "Río Chiquito 19, El Cerrito, 54840 Cuautitlan Izcalli, Mexico.

Distrito Zion Fest will be held on Saturday, May 11. This festival brings together the national and international reggae scene, with the same goal, to unify the Rastafarian culture. Distrito Zion Fest will offer an experience whose goal is freedom of expression and social union with all those loyal fans of reggae. It is important to mention that on this occasion there will be the possibility of camping. For all those who are hesitant to go so removed from the spot.

The organizers commented that starting at midnight the campsite will be considered as an initiate, in which Paolo Baldini, Jose Sol, among others Selectas will play Dub music.

They made it clear that the tents should be kept until the aforementioned time to avoid any kind of incident among the attendees.

Distrito Zion Fest
Distrito Zion Fest

The line-up for this year will bring together the greatest exponents of national and international reggae on the same stage, among them:

Innes Circule



Golden Ganga

Mello Mood


Movimiento Original


Paolo Maldini

Joshua Selector

Conga Tijuana

La bendita

Dj Maiky Dee

Roy Rebelde

Jose Sol


Pachedub Colective



The bond between Zion and music is a constant that has grown in recent decades; therefore, DISTRITO ZION FEST constitutes a niche to unite people through an experience full of joy, dance, and creativity.

Take advantage of the "Early Zion" presale and buy your tickets at In addition, you can purchase your physical tickets at official outlets such as "Brüs Tap Room" (Chihuahua # 207, Rome Norte, Cdmx) from Monday to Wednesday from 2 pm to 11 pm and Thursday to Saturday from 2 pm to 1 am.

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