'Dirty' neighbors use Mérida corners as garbage dumps


TV cabinets, old furniture, buckets, old clothes, bags full of food and other things is what several neighbors throw in the streets of Merida.

Photo: La Verdad
Photo: La Verdad

In different colonies and subdivisions of Mérida, the 'dirty' neighbors use the corners as garbage dumps, mainly in Brisas; there tons of garbage are settled every day and of all kinds. Old furniture, TV cabinets, buckets, old clothes, black bags full of leftovers, dry snow and busted wires are some things.

As previously published, streets, escarpments, corners of Mérida are open-air garbage dumps, as people prefer to take their garbage and leave it in the corners without the authorities doing something about it.

There are areas where there are signs of the municipality of Mérida with the legend "prohibited throwing garbage" but the settlers do not make even the smallest case.

This site is not the exception; on the 35th and 16th streets, for days you can see garbage and more and more are getting thrown there.

Some neighbors of Mérida interviewed commented that these are the neighbors who do it, and neighbors of other neighboring neighborhoods, "as they see that there is the accumulation of garbage, because it is easier for them to throw theirs there," said one affected person.

Maricarmen Solis, who lives in some houses on the corner where the dump is, complained that the foul smell comes to where she lives, because there are black bags with organic remains in the trash.

Another one of the mentioned complaints was that homeless go to that street to disperse more the garbage in which they find cardboard, pet, or tins.

via: La Verdad