Maradona backs down and prefers to stay in Mexican soccer

TheArgentine Diego Armando Maradona reversed his statements about abandoning the technical direction of Dorados de Sinaloa and said he was in death with the team of the Ascent of Mexican soccer.

Diego Armando says he feels "very attached" to Dorados de Sinaloa, who are struggling to move up to the first division
Diego Armando says he feels "very attached" to Dorados de Sinaloa, who are struggling to move up to the first division

Maradona said on April 6 that his presence in the Sinaloa box caused arbitration decisions against him and that would leave the team, however, to win in the first leg of the quarterfinals to Sonora, argued otherwise.

"I have to talk to Jorge Alberto Hank, the owner of the team, because I have ideas for the next tournament with Dorados, and when I come to Culiacán I will be able to present my plans because I am attached to Dorados and, above all, to death with my players. they never fail, "said the strategist.

The Dorados won last night 1-0 at the Cimarrones de Sonora in the first leg of the quarterfinals of the Ascent and Maradona showed his complacency with the result, although he criticized the position of the rival coach, Isaac Morales.

"We had the ball but we did not manage it, they did not want to play, they just showed up, respecting the colleague who does what he can." Although the game complicated us, thanks to Amaury Escoto's goal we opened the scoring and went to game back with an advantage that means a lot, "he added.

However, the "golden boy" did not sing early victory because the game is missing as a visitor and he preferred to take the score in favor and put all the chips in the union he has made in Dorados.

"It would be an exaggeration to say that we are already passing the turn without having played, we would lack respect for my colleague and the Sonora players, we will play the classification as we did in the first leg," he said.

Maradona said he feels confident because he has been able to correct mistakes of the previous tournament and has players with different functions in the field.

"We have variants, last year we needed to have a starting player and a substitute for the position, now we get players who plug holes that last year we could not because they were left-handed or right, today we have options," he concluded.

At the beginning of the month, Maradona had threatened to leave Dorados, on the understanding that his presence on the substitute bench was damaging the team with arbitration errors, after a game with Venados de Yucatán in which he claimed for a penalty not sanctioned his team.

Diego returned to defend his players last night and asked that "if you have to blame someone here is Diego Armando Maradona, a server, they can tell him what they want, but not because they leave everything they have".

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