Details of Carnival Costalegre 2019 from March 7 to 12


The Carnival Costalegre 2019 will take place from March 7 to 12 in the municipality of Cihuatlán, said Mayor Fernando Martínez Guerrero, who said that in this framework, where the active participation of the foreign community is contemplated, the attendance of the 8 thousand people.

Carnival in Jalisco Mexico
Carnival in Jalisco Mexico

At a press conference held in Barra de Navidad, the president said that on Thursday, March 7 will be the inauguration of this event with the burning of the bad mood as well as the intervention, through a special festival, of the foreign community-based in that location.

Martínez Guerrero declared that on Sunday, March 10, the Fish Fair will take place on the Malecón de Barra de Navidad, starting at 2:00 pm; There will be an opportunity to taste products prepared right there.

It will have the support of students and teachers of the School of Gastronomy and Tourism of the University of Colima.

On Tuesday, March 12, there will be a parade of allegorical cars and comparsas.

Chynna Chilton, the representative of the foreign community in the Costalegre, expressed the entire willingness of this sector to support the activities of the Carnival called "Alegrías del Mar" this year.

He explained that year after year the foreign community is given a day to celebrate, where his beauty queen and king of joy is chosen, so he reiterated his thanks to the current mayor for reiterating the invitation.

It is estimated that the investment for such purposes is 150 thousand pesos and in this edition seeks to strengthen the bonds of friendship with the colimense entity and the Manzanillo population in particular.

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