Destination seduction: Six plans to experiment with your partner


May the month of February be the excuse to share a different, more exclusive and intimate journey; it does not matter if it's in the beach, in the woods or in the city

Make February an excuse to propose to your partner a new chapter, a trip together and in private, in which they seduce each other as if it were the first time.
Make February an excuse to propose to your partner a new chapter, a trip together and in private, in which they seduce each other as if it were the first time.

To give you ideas, this edition we decided to suggest some experiences that, combined with coquetry, will add passionate episodes to your relationship. Although most of them contemplate exclusive accommodations for adults, there are alternatives that seek isolation so that couples can meet again.

According to Mario Cruz, Concept Manager for Original Group, "they focus mainly on providing spaces where visitors can get out of everyday life and stress. These are mainly found in beach destinations, with a wide range of resorts with different types of services and amenities, at various levels of comfort "

He emphasized that it is a trip to reconnect as a couple and enjoy the time together in a sensual, safe and complete privacy.

Among the activities that are in this type of accommodation, you will find performances, dynamics in the pool, theme parties; For example, in the case of the Desire resort, there are activities focused on intimate moments such as the Fantasy Menu, a selection of fantasies that guests can acquire safely and advised by a team of professionals. There is no age to live new experiences.

The trajectory of Mario Cruz in this type of hotel has allowed him to witness some of the benefits that couples get when making a trip like this.

"They reinforce their relationship, create new moments, improve their communication, return to have fun together, expand their circle of friendships and thus improve the quality of their relationship."

Love at the sea

We landed at a beach destination: the Temptation Cancun Resort and its activities to enjoy as a couple in a more daring way. Here being topless is optional. In addition, they orchestrate for February 2020 their first luxury cruise, for free-spirited couples.

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Forest in the city

Although it is within the city, the Organic Boutique Hotel, in Ajusco, becomes a special den surrounded by trees and gardens, with an atmosphere of intimacy. You can book romantic dinners in a private illuminated kiosk, a picnic for two or a campfire, any time of the year.

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Toast in a cellar

In Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California, there is a dream hotel that says it all with its name: Encuentro. A meeting with your partner between mountains and a wine area will give you reasons to toast. In addition, you can hire a dinner in the cellar, a massage or private yoga class, directly in your room.

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Luxury escape

Located in an ecological jungle, the Imanta Resorts Punta de Mita has, in Riviera Nayarit, surrounds couples with their natural landscapes. They can take walks through the jungle, swim in pools with waterfall water or know secret locations in the place.

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Search for new horizons

It is in Magical Town of Real de Catorce, in San Luis Potosí, where they will find spaces for unconventional appointments; For example, a horseback ride, in which you will pass through mines or arid fields with clear skies, to culminate with a picnic in the light of the stars.

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In Mexico City, in Polanco, there is a hotel that, in addition to having an innovative design, has services that you will not be able to believe, such as a spa where not only massages are given, but also a temazcal.

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In private

According to Mario Cruz, in this type of hotel concept, privacy is very important; For example, in spaces like Desire and Temptation there are different ways to guarantee it:

It is forbidden to take and share photographs and videos to visitors inside the premises without their consent.

Any call that comes from abroad is transferred to the corporate switchboard to link to the property and communicate it with the guest.

The staff is trained to comply with the rules of respect for the privacy of all guests.

Risque menu

In the Temptation hotel is the SHE restaurant, unique in the country with a menu of aphrodisiac food

Old school coquetry

This segment, exclusive hotels for adults, is not new; it is believed that it began in the 70s in the Caribbean area

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