President Donald Trump warns this Sunday: "Two weeks and the great deportation begins"


President Donald Trump insisted on Sunday that the Democrats have two weeks to negotiate "simple changes" in the asylum process and the legal loopholes of migration and indicated that otherwise "the great deportation" will begin.

Two weeks and the great deportation begins. Image: Cronio
Two weeks and the great deportation begins. Image: Cronio

"I want to give the Democrats every opportunity to quickly negotiate simple changes in asylums and legal loopholes," the president wrote on his Twitter account.

"This will fix the southern border, along with the help that Mexico is now giving us," he added in his message, although he admitted that although "it probably does not happen, it's worth trying."

Otherwise, he said: "Two weeks and the great deportation begins."

This Saturday, a day before the mass raids anticipated by local media, Trump established a wait for deportations so that Democrats and Republicans could propose solutions to the situation on the border with Mexico.

"At the request of the Democrats, I have delayed the Illegal Immigration Removal Process (Deportation) for two weeks to see if Democrats and Republicans can meet and find a solution to the asylum problems and legal loopholes on the southern border," he wrote. Trump on Twitter.

The president made the announcement after the Speaker of the House of Representatives, the Democrat Nancy Pelosi, called to suspend the raids "without heart" and warned that "injected terror" in the country.

Pelosi reminded Trump that as well as "spoke about the importance of avoiding the collateral damage of 150 lives in Iran" when he desisted from an attack in that country in response to the shooting down of an American drone on Thursday, he did the same to avoid "the damage collateral to tens of thousands of children who are scared by their actions. "

The head of the Lower House joined numerous voices that rejected the announcement of the raids, which sparked fear in different immigrant communities.

Local media reported on Friday that the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) planned to begin massive raids on Sunday in the cities of New York, Miami (Florida), Houston (Texas), Los Angeles and San Francisco (California), Chicago (Illinois). ), Atlanta (Georgia), Baltimore (Maryland), New Orleans (Louisiana) and Denver (Colorado).

The ICE operation could affect up to 2,000 undocumented families.

However, Trump said on Saturday that ICE agents were focused on removing the members of the Mara Salvatrucha gang (MS-13) from the United States.

That gang was born in Los Angeles in the 1980s when thousands of Salvadorans immigrated to the United States. to flee from the civil war in your country.

Since then, the criminal group has expanded and has caused havoc in Central America, especially in El Salvador.

By Mexicanist

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