Dengue cases triple in Mexico

So far this year, cases of dengue have tripled. According to the Secretariat of Health, until the first half of August, this year has registered 4,405 cases of the disease when in the same period last year there were 1,120.

Dengue fumigation in Mexico. Image: Pixabay
Dengue fumigation in Mexico. Image: Pixabay

In addition to these cases, there are other 1,985 cases with warning signs and another 519 classified as serious. In addition, health authorities reported 20 deaths from dengue so far this year.

It is worth noting that the state where there are more cases is Veracruz, where so far there are 1,433 non-serious patients, while 299 with warning symptoms and 50 with severe dengue.

Dengue is a disease that is transmitted by the bite of a mosquito, so its peak is in the rainy season, where this animal has more reproduction. Its symptoms are fever, bone pain, severe headache, eye pain, skin rash, and nausea, among others.

In very serious cases, there are also hemorrhages, convulsions, and severe dehydration, where there is the possibility that the patient loses his life due to the intensity of the symptoms.

So far there is no fully effective cure, so the treatment is merely rest and medication to reduce discomfort, the prevention is the elimination of the mosquito that spreads the virus.

The number of cases could increase in the following weeks since the samples of more than 49 thousand people who have presented symptoms are under analysis, but whose status remains unconfirmed that it is dengue.

Another entity that suffers most from this disease is Chiapas, where there are 617 cases confirmed by the Ministry of Health.

By Mexicanist

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