Culiacán, the most sought after destination to travel in Mexico


Culiacán, Mexicali, Hermosillo and Monterrey top the list of Mexican destinations with the best search and price ratio during this year, and in the top 10 of this category, there are 6 cities in the area, according to the Viajala Barometer 2018, indicator of the travel trends of Mexico and Latin America.

The 2018 Barometer of Viajala, the travel metasearch, revealed what the travel trends have been in Mexico this year.
The 2018 Barometer of Viajala, the travel metasearch, revealed what the travel trends have been in Mexico this year.

Lise Vives, country manager of the travel metasearch, explained that several of the factors that have helped the north of the country to consolidate as a destination to travel are due to the fact that the region is one of the economic engines of the country and this has detonated its development

Vides stressed that due to this, the number of business trips has increased, which has led to the consolidation of bleisure in this area, a trend that combines work and pleasure trips.

The Barometer Viajala Mexico shows us the growth that the north of the country has had in the last year and, therefore, of the business trips. In this sense, we see great opportunities for the consolidation of the bleisure trend in Mexico, that is, the combination of work and pleasure trips.

Also, the Country Manager indicated that another element that has specifically helped the Sinaloa destination is its airport, which has been one of the fastest growing in the country, since this year it opened four new national routes, in addition to the holiday season, will have additional routes and frequencies.

Regarding the age of Mexican travelers, 32 percent of these are between 24 and 34 years old. Of all travel searches made, Vides indicated that 61.90 percent of travel searches are made by women.

Vives said that due to causes such as inflation and the lack of more holidays, Mexico is the second country that plans its trips in advance, with 50 days earlier on average for domestic destinations, which takes an average of 6.3 days and for 84.5 days, with an average stay period of 10 days.

As for the most sought after destinations in Latin America, Mexico City was ranked third, while Cancun, in Quintana Roo, was the first place on the most sought after beaches.

From the 47 million 890 thousand searches that were carried out throughout the region from 2017 until today, Viajala conducted a study that analyzes the tourism industry in Latin America and Mexico, to find which destinations are growing the most by country, including the variation of prices and searches for each place.