The great commotion has been caused by a video circulating in social networks that shows the moment when a man is attacked by a crocodile while he was swimming in the Carpenter's Lagoon in the municipality of Tampico, located in the State of Tamaulipas, Mexico.

The event occurred on Saturday, October 17th when, according to witnesses, the subject jumped a fence and entered the lagoon with the intention of swimming, completely ignoring the prohibitions of the place. Seconds later, the fatal encounter occurred.

A woman who was at the site managed to capture with her cell phone the distressing moments when the animal, approximately three meters in length, swiftly goes to where the man swims and this, upon realizing the danger, apparently tries to escape, however, the reptile catches it and submerges it in the water until it loses sight of it definitively.

After the incident, firefighters from the municipality began the search and rescue procedure at the site with boats and special equipment. Finally, they succeeded in extracting the lifeless body of the subject, whose identity is still unknown.

The authorities' report indicated that the rescued body was that of a man about 50 years old with wounds on his neck, one arm, and chest. The area where the tragedy occurred is known for the presence of crocodiles, which is why all types of water activities are restricted.