A couple goes viral for throwing a "Nazi" wedding

The wedding outraged many people on the networks, alluding to the insensitivity towards the victims of genocides carried out by Nazism.

A couple goes viral for throwing a "Nazi" wedding
Wedding couple goes viral for having a "Nazi" ceremony. Photo: Verdugo

On April 9, a very particular wedding was held in Tlaxcala, where Fernando and Josefina, originally from Ecatepec, got married and decided to join in marriage, celebrating their wedding with a National Socialist German Workers Party theme, which caught the attention of the networks, as reported by a national media.

April 29th was the 77th anniversary of Adolf Hitler's wedding to Eva Braun, so Fernando and Josefina decided to get married, especially on that date, which for them is something so special that even in 2016 they got married in a civil ceremony that same day, and if they had not had this date off they would have waited another year.

"If we had not found mass for today, we would have married until next year," said the groom, a civil servant.

They named their children after Nazi characters

The couple received insults and even death threats on social networks, alluding to insensitivity and ignorance; and the fact is that although Fernando is a member of a club dedicated to recreating historical war events, he even named his children after Nazi soldiers, something that became known on the same networks.

His son was named after Reinhard Heydrich, the top leader of the SS, and his daughter was baptized with the name Hanna, after Hanna Reitsch, Hitler's favorite pilot and one of the main protagonists of German Nazi propaganda.

Likewise, they decided to leave aside the genocidal acts of the dictator because for them Hitler is a nationalist who recovered the territories that Germany lost in the First World War, doubting history. After all, "history is written by the victors", affirmed the bride and groom.