Coronavirus is not a risk in Baja California

After the confirmation of the first case of the coronavirus in San Diego, California, Health Secretary Alonso Juarez Rico held a brief press conference at the State Government Palace in the city of Tijuana, where he spoke about the health security measures and protocols that will be taken in the region.

Coronavirus in Baja California is not a risk
Coronavirus in Baja California is not a risk

"Communication is key, not to alarm the population is with communication, the scenario is that we are going to have it in Baja California, whether we have it or not, the evidence of this is that it is in San Diego, it is not to alarm us, if we had a case in the state right now, it would not change the things we are doing, we would have to continue telling the population that if they have flu symptoms, not to go to public places, not to shake hands, if you sneeze, do it from your internal angle, there is no specific treatment, it is symptomatic treatment," Juarez Rico explained.

However, the health leader said that there is a special treatment for travel from China.

"The first flight that arrived (from China) was over 150 passengers, and they are out of the incubation period, they already left the established period, thanks to the information that the country is giving China, it is believed that the period is shorter, but 14 days is a good medical parameter to measure, then we are going to stick 14. The other flight of 122 passengers, we are a couple of days away that is also discarded and no one has developed symptoms, but that does not mean that a person can not develop the common flu, without having a coronavirus," said the secretary.

The secretary said there is no specific time for the presence of coronavirus in Mexican territory, so he mentioned that they have been preparing for four weeks and declare themselves ready. He also said that it does not represent any type of risk in the state of Baja California, despite the first patient who already acquired the virus in the region of Tijuana-San Diego.

"Of course not, it's a health risk like any airborne viral disease, yes, all of them, if you get sick with tuberculosis, with influenza, with 100 different airborne respiratory disease viruses, it's going to be a risk for you and it's going to be a risk for the population, what I say is that Baja California is one of the states most prepared for this type of contingency, because we are a state that is 100 percent migrant," he emphasized.

Federal health authorities are already present in Baja California. Still, the Health Secretary reiterated that the scenario in Mexico does not change at all after the first case of an infected patient was confirmed on the other side of the border and recommended the first vaccination against influenza.

By Mexicanist