Coronavirus is in Latin America: First case confirmed in Brazil


An examination by the Brazilian government confirmed the first case of the new strain of coronavirus in Latin America, a source said Wednesday, after a hospital in Sao Paulo pointed to the possible infection of a 61-year-old person who had been in Italy.

Brazilian woman who allegedly had a coronavirus is arrested. Illustrative photo on TV
Brazilian woman who allegedly had a coronavirus is arrested. Illustrative photo on TV

The source spoke on condition that his identity is withheld because Brasilia has yet to announce test results, shortly before a planned press conference.

The first tests on the person were conducted Tuesday at the Albert Einstein hospital. According to the newspaper O Globo, the authorities will conduct a second test to confirm the coronavirus infection, the result of which is expected to be available this Wednesday.

So far this week, Brazilian authorities are investigating 154 suspected cases, but 51 were ruled out and another 102 were classified as "excluded" because they do not fit the World Health Organization (WHO) definition.

Source: Agencies

A Brazilian woman who pretended to have a coronavirus is arrested

A Brazilian woman was arrested in Rio de Janeiro after pretending to have a coronavirus so that she could be treated in a medical clinic as a matter of priority, local police said Saturday.

The commissioner in charge of the case explained that Claudette Maria Rosa da Silva, 39, showed up Friday night at a health center in the Copacabana neighborhood saying she was suffering from the symptoms of the new coronavirus.

To try to convince her interlocutors, the Rio resident said she was returning from Hong Kong, where she had worked as a nanny.

The medical team was immediately put on alert, mobilizing many health professionals for several hours.

The patient was taken to an isolated room and subjected to a full battery of tests. The Ministry of Health was even warned, as provided for in the protocol established by the health authorities.

But Da Silva ended up being arrested by the police, after family members revealed she never left Brazil and didn't even have a passport.

The new coronavirus has infected more than 34,500 people and killed 722 patients in mainland China.

No cases have yet been confirmed in Latin America. About thirty Brazilians who were in Wuhan - the epicenter of the epidemic - left China on Friday and are expected to arrive on Sunday morning in Annapolis, 80 km from Brasilia, where they will be isolated for 18 days at a military base.

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