Conjunctivitis cases increase in Yucatan


The cases of conjunctivitis had an increase of just over 130 reports in the last week in Yucatan, according to the National Epidemiological Surveillance System (Sinave).

Based on the official reports, 336 new cases were submitted to the entity on January 19, corresponding to week 3 of this year, a figure that increased by 132 cases compared to the previous epidemiological week, when 204 were counted.

With this figure, 543 are reached so far this year, of which 289 correspond to men and 254 to women.

The current figures show that so far this year there have been 78 cases more than in the same period but 2018, when there were 465 reports of people with conjunctivitis.

It is worth remembering that 2018 concluded with 19 thousand 59 confirmed cases of this disease, a figure that was much lower than that registered in 2017, year in which cases skyrocketed to 92 thousand 613.

According to health authorities, hand washing is crucial to avoid conjunctivitis infections, as it is a highly contagious disease that spreads when it comes in contact with the secretions that are generated in those who suffer from it.

It is also recommended to avoid visiting crowded places if you have symptoms of conjunctivitis.