Coahuila proposal is to be a leading tourist destination in Northern Mexico


Consolidating Coahuila as the best tourist destination in northern Mexico is one of the purposes of the Ministry of Tourism and Development of Magic Towns of the state, said María Guadalupe Oyervides Valdez, before the Committee on Economic Development, Competitiveness, and Tourism of the Local Congress.

Coahuila desert
Coahuila desert

In a meeting held with legislators led by the president of the Governing Board, Marcelo Torres Cofiño, and the coordinator of the commission, Fernando Izaguirre Valdés, the secretary presented her work plan that includes seven topics: tourism infrastructure; training and certification; tourism promotion and dissemination; linkage; Magic towns; segment development, and sustainable tourism.

She explained that the state annually receives more than 7 million tourists, with an economic income of nearly 4 billion pesos.

The state has more than 14,800 rooms in hotel infrastructure and expected investment in this same line, only in the Southeast and Laguna regions, for the next 12 months of almost 2 billion pesos.

Oyervides Valdez said that directed and regional promotions will be generated through the convention and visitors' offices.

She stressed that work is being done for the permanence of the seven Magic Towns despite the conclusion of this program by the federal government for this year, so with the backing of President Miguel Ángel Riquelme Solís and thanks to the budget authorized by the local Congress, there will be resources to support it.

Also the economies of dependency and the search for greater linkages with universities and other institutions that can contribute to this effort, she said.

The Secretary of Tourism and Development of Magic Towns said that it works effectively, coordination, linking, discipline, creativity, and organization, with the aim that the programs on the subject that have been eliminated at the federal level, such as the Magic Towns and Tourism Promotion, do not affect the progress made in the entity, but on the contrary, they are strengthened.

She said that participation in important fairs and exhibitions will continue, as well as the promotion of tourism trends such as the Wine Route, the paleontological wealth, the Magical Towns, business tourism and gastronomy, to name a few, as well as maintaining closeness and cooperation with the 38 mayors.

For his part, Izaguirre Valdés presented the advances they have achieved with the work developed together with the Technological University of Parras in the Wine Route, while the delegate of the National Institute of Statistics and Geography, María Elena Teresita Jiménez, made available to the Ministry of Tourism and Development of Magical Towns updated cartography on the road network and economic establishments, to map all the businesses that exist in relation to tourism.