Chupacabra is back ... on Kickstarter


In the mid-1990s, a creature called chupacabras scared several countries in Latin America. The reports of that time gave an account of farm animals attacked by this mythical being. Now the Chupacabra has returned.

Chupacabras plush. Image: Kickstarter
Chupacabras plush. Image: Kickstarter

Unlike the creature of two decades ago, now it has a plush shape, thanks to Verónica Lizeth Amado Sánchez, who describes herself as a cartoonist by hobby and who made her own version of the Chupacabra, "a stuffed animal inspired by my chihuahua dog, given that some stories describe it as a somewhat bald and black dog".

The project is hosted on Kickstarter (click the link to support), the collective financing platform, and it is possible to support it in various ways: from no reward to a package of 20 USD or more, including stuffed animals, a shirt and prints, among other items (40 USD).

To consolidate the project, Amado Sánchez needs almost 8000 USD and set the date of July 20 as the limit to get that amount, of course, with the support of users.

Finally, the only risk that runs with this creature created by the cartoonist is that "it will only attack you with tenderness."

Kickstarter celebrates its tenth anniversary this year, in which 16 million people have donated a total of 4 billion dollars to consolidate 160 thousand projects.

With information from Paréntesis