Mariacheño: What is this genre sung by Christian Nodal?


Mexican music offers a wide range of possibilities and musical genres, recently joined by the "maricheño", whose greatest exponent is Christian Nodal.

Mariacheño: Christian Nodal
Mariacheño: Christian Nodal

The career of Christian Nodal reached its consecration as one of the most popular artists of the moment of the Mexican regional with the interpretation of this genre, nevertheless, it is necessary to ask what is the "maricheño"?

What is this music genre? The maricheño is the fusion of two emblematic musical genres of Mexican culture, the mariachi and the norteño. Recently in an interview for a U.S. television station, the artist, Christian Nodal, stated that he was the one who baptized the genre which has given him many successes that have even led him to be nominated for the Billboards awards.

With only 21 years old, Nodal, managed to position himself in the taste of the lovers of the Mexican regional music, because his proposal was well received. With "Probably" "Los besos que te dio", Christian Nodal, has managed to position his songs as true hymns of the genre.