Chivas prepares protocol to resume MX League after Covid-19


Chivas de Guadalajara's Sports Science Director, Doctor Jaime Figueroa, revealed to Efe on Thursday that the club is preparing a protocol for the resumption of Mexican football and hopes it will be discussed by the other teams in the country.

Chivas Mexico. Photo: Agencies
Chivas Mexico. Photo: Agencies

"We began the research project on March 15, the date on which the Clausura 2020 was suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic. From that moment on we saw what was being done in Germany, Italy, Spain, England, and even the United States with the NBA and the Major Leagues," explained the doctor.

They have received advice from teams in Spain and Italy, as well as seeing the protocol that will be implemented in German football and documents from the aforementioned U.S. leagues. In Mexico, they were advised by health members who have been involved in important issues.

The protocol will consist of 35 pages, a condensation of the research of more than 100 pages, and contemplates 4 or 5 scenarios of the pandemic, depending on its progress, and is designed for the remainder of the 2020 Clausura and the 2020 Opening.

"It is 98% complete, and will be ready next week. It's something we want to share with the rest of the clubs and with Liga Mx. It is important to unify us because if the chain of care is broken it could mean another stoppage or another not positive situation".

"The protocol consists of a phase, which is the return to the competition, and is subdivided into what those involved should do at home, at the concentrations, at the training sessions, and during the games. It talks only about the game, not how the fans should return to the stadiums."

On the timing of the game, the document has rules for social distancing between players and referees in the dressing rooms and also on how to keep balls and players' uniforms disinfected. There is also a section on testing for COVID-19 on match members (players, coaching staff, administrative personnel, and press).

There are scenarios in which the tests are weekly, there are other scenarios that can be biweekly, depending on how the pandemic behaves and the return to competition. In addition to tests to rule out infection, they include so-called serological tests to detect those involved who may have developed antibodies against the virus.

The work will be passed on to the Jalisco State Health Secretariat for verification. Guadalajara is seeking to make the medical committee, in addition to serving as a space for discussing protocols, permanent.

Mexican football's Clausura 2020 came to a halt on 15 March after the conclusion of Round 10. At the moment there is no date for its resumption.

Chivas announces it will release its own series

Amaury Vergara, president of the Guadalajara, revealed that the Chivas painting will have a television series, which will be seen on the Amazon Prime streaming platform.

"A documentary series on Chivas is being filmed, we are doing it with Amazon, it is the first of its kind in Mexico and of its kind in Latin America and the world; I can't say more at this time, but it is being done very well," said Vergara in his participation in the Jalisco Film Commission.

"I wouldn't say it's much better than the film, because that was something incredible, but I think we now have more tools and much more structure to make something more interesting.

The series would run from the 2018 CONCACAF Champions League win to what happened before the current 2020 Clausura tournament was stopped by the coronavirus.