Mexico to build a block against technology censorship in the G20

Mexico seeks to build a bloc with other countries to take to the G20 its rejection of technological platforms that "censor" authorities and citizens.

Mexico to build a block against technology censorship in the G20

The Mexican government seeks to build a bloc with countries from the European Union, Africa, Asia, and Latin America to bring to the G20 their rejection of technological platforms that "censor" authorities and citizens.

The Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Marcelo Ebrard, informed that, after the decision of Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to suspend the accounts of the President of the United States, Donald Trump, several countries showed their concern, including Mexico.

"It is not acceptable that there is a person or group of people who determine above the nation-states who have the right to express themselves and who does not, because that would be admitting that there is a supranational government that determines what the freedoms of citizens are, therefore, we do not agree," said the chancellor.

Ebrard Casaubon assured that the government of Mexico has been in contact with "the others who think the same way", among them, the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, the French government headed by Emmanuel Macron, the commissioner of the European Union, authorities from Africa and Latin America, in Southeast Asia.

"So the instruction we have from the president is to establish contact with everyone, share this concern, and work to propose together. There is a global disagreement on the issue," said the foreign minister.

President Lopez Obrador said that while social networks should not be used to incite violence, it is not a reason to suspend freedom of expression as he believes happened in the case of President Trump when his accounts were closed after the takeover of the Capitol by supporters of the Republican politician.

"There cannot be a particular body that decides to take away the right to free expression of ideas, there cannot be a private organization, in any nation, State, that becomes a body of censorship. Freedom must be guaranteed," affirmed the Mexican president.

Just as he proposed before the Group of 20 that the UN be in charge of regulating the sale of medicines and medical equipment during the coronavirus pandemic, Lopez Obrador affirmed that he will do so in the matter of censorship of social networks.

"The first meeting that we have of the G-20 I am going to make a statement on this issue," he said.