Casa de México in Spain celebrates to contemporary Mexican and Spanish art


The House of Mexico in Spain says goodbye to February with a tribute to contemporary art. Three of the most influential artists in the Mexican and Spanish art scene will exhibit their works at Casa de México in Spain. Vicente Rojo, Carlos Díaz de Bustamante, and Jorge Méndez Blake will present some of their most outstanding creations as part of our commitment to twin art between Mexico and Spain. "The enthusiasm and support we have received from the public and private institutions in Spain and Mexico have made it possible for us to gather in Casa de México this extraordinary exhibition of contemporary art." Ximena Caraza Campos, General Director of Casa de México in Spain.

Vicente Rojo: Self-portrait, 2016. Image: Courtesy of Casa de España
Vicente Rojo: Self-portrait, 2016. Image: Courtesy of Casa de España

The generation of the rupture

Vicente Rojo: Series, can be visited until June 2, and brings together five decades of work by the artist. This exhibition is exhibited as a platform that allows sensitizing the Spanish public about the ties that unite us as nations. Cultural bridges have existed for five hundred years and the rich artistic production that is interwoven by travel - back and forth - has enriched the culture of both countries. 

"Rojo shares the serial work procedures that had a leading role in Mexico in the late sixties and early seventies as a tendency to experiment with structuralist methodologies that involve art thinking and try to counteract passions and subjectivity", says Pilar García, curator of the exhibition.

The master of memories

Imaginary Journey of Carlos Díaz de Bustamante offers us an immersive journey through light boxes that express the memories of the artist and the Mexican cultural identity. The exhibition includes a total of 20 works and is grouped into a single architectural element. With the shape of a pyramid, the light boxes are presented, physically and conceptually, as fragments of a global concept.

"Carlos Díaz de Bustamante is a craftsman of time and space. His work has the ability to transport the viewer in past intervals where they discover places that are stored in a preterite, selective memory. ", states Paloma Martín Llopis, curator of the exhibition.

The three dimensions of poetry

If Vicente Rojo is in love with geometry, as Carlos Díaz de Bustamante is for memories, Jorge Méndez Blake is moved by the passion for words. With Ten poetic situations, the Mexican artist reflects, about his neon lights, about poetry, the poet and his stereotypes. I do not believe in "sources of inspiration. 

"I think that thinking that something you see or read can be a direct inspiration of work is a very romantic idea of artistic work. I believe rather in an intense, creative and multidisciplinary process that receives constant contamination from a great diversity of topics ", comments Jorge Méndez Blake, interview in Vinísfera.

Ten sentences that are really five diptychs, that under a play of words change the situation from one end to the other: from meditation to the dip, from the peak to the pit, from romanticism to bankruptcy, from one corner to the other.

House of Mexico in Spain

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