How Carmelita González was able to fulfill a dream thanks to her idol, Pedro Infante

The leading Mexican actress Carmelita González had a close relationship with Pedro Infante from the moment this event marked her life.

How Carmelita González was able to fulfill a dream thanks to her idol, Pedro Infante
The leading Mexican actress Carmelita González. (Photo: Twitter / @cine_mexicano)

Carmen González was the first actress who captivated Mexico during the golden age of Mexican cinema thanks to her great roles alongside actors such as Jorge Negrete, Cantinflas, and Pedro Infante. She lovingly remembered the latter for having helped her fulfill one of her dreams.

Carmelita González was born in Mexico City in 1928 and died on a day like today, but 11 years ago. The actress would have started her artistic career only after studying a degree in International Relations in the United States and learning English and French to perfection.

The dream of the interpreter of "Chayito" in Dos tipos de cuidado (1953) was to become a great movie star, but her father did not allow her to venture into the medium until she returned with a degree in hand. Her first film was Camino de Sacramento in 1945, but she aspired to more.

Carmelita told during an interview with Diana Golden that her dream was to work with the greatest Mexican film star, Pedro Infante, and that opportunity finally presented itself when she was called to participate in the film Los hijos de María Morales (1952).

The actress was happy to make her dream come true at the age of 24, but her idol himself made her cry when she found out that she would not be able to participate as a protagonist in the film.

"Carmelita, unfortunately, you won't be able to do this movie, because Pedro wants Irma Dorantes to be in the film. As you understand, there is only one starring role, the protagonist, the other one is very small and you can't do it," director Fernando de Fuentes told her.

The director promised to make other films with her as compensation for not acting with Infante, but she didn't expect it. "I couldn't speak, I burst out crying and told him 'sir, my greatest dream was to work with Mr. Infante, you do not commit to me,'" she said.

González did not think that Pedro Infante himself was in the joint office listening to the conversation between the director and her, so she heard how Carmen left crying in the company of her mother, with whom she had happily attended to receive the script of her most desired project.

Pedro Infante immediately told Fernando de Fuente to make another starring role for the film, and even threatened not to participate in it if there were not two main characters for women.

"How is it possible for me to make a creature cry? No, no, no. Fernando, write me the other character and make it stellar so that this girl can participate", Carmelita González repeated the actor's words.

Finally, the director had to agree to rewrite the entire script of Los hijos de María Morelos so that his main actor would not withdraw from the project and Carmelita's dream would come true. Since then, she assured, she kept a great affection for him and, above all, great respect, because Pedro Infante would come to the calls with his lines completely in his memory, which he would have rehearsed for hours.

Carmelita González participated in more than 100 films, but also had great roles in telenovelas such as Mi destino eres tú, Alegrijes y Rebujos, Gotita de amor, among twenty others. She died at the age of 81 at Hospital Santa Elena on April 30, 2010, after pneumonia prevented her from standing. Her burial was held privately because no ANDA member or former partner of the actress accompanied the family.