'Cantares de México' in the Miguel Covarrubias hall of the UNAM


The show, directed by Laura Díaz, recreates 4 thousand years of singing, music and traditions in 30 pictures that create magical moments that portray the best of Mexican nationalism.

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With fifty artists on stage and a generous multimedia production, the show "Cantares de México" was presented yesterday at the Miguel Covarrubias Hall of the UNAM, a show created and directed by Laura Díaz, which recreates 4 thousand years of singing, music and traditions in 30 prints that recreate magical moments that portray the best of Mexican nationalism, from the Mayan culture and the legend of the goddess Ixchel, to the Independence, the Porfiriato and contemporary Mexico.

For Laura Díaz, this montage attempts to capture the Mexican roots of music and traditions that were born in cities such as Veracruz, Tabasco, Yucatán and Mexico City, based on legends, song, music, contemporary classical dance and a multidisciplinary assembly that is already preparing a tour of Germany and Spain.

"I decided I was going to do a show that could represent the love and cultural richness of Mexico, so this is a tour through 4 thousand years of history, from the Mayans to postmodern Mexico, with our beloved Juan Gabriel, who is part of our identity, "she commented.

For the most part, the dancers are academics who have done some research on the Mexican roots from dance and, for the most part, come from the National Dance or graduates of the Nellie Campobello School of the National Institute of Fine Arts.

"What I look for (with this show) when people leave here is that they feel proud of feeling Mexican (...) It is very stereotyped the dance with the question of thinking it is boring and here we have just seen how exciting our culture is ", she added.

"Cantares de México" is a 90-minute tour of an album that emphasizes the national character of our traditions, as it is a dynamic, fun and exciting show that can be enjoyed by any type of audience, and it is expected to announce new dates in the next weeks in Mexico.

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