Cancun will host the XVII Mexico Business Summit in October

The city of Cancun will host in October the XVII Mexico Business Summit "Business Summit".

Cancun will host the XVII Mexico Business Summit in October
Cancun Business Summit. Image: publicity photo

The city of Cancun will host in October the XVII Mexico Business Summit "Business Summit", in which a powerful group of businessmen will seek to strengthen the competitiveness of the southeast region and promote new productive sectors, it was reported this Wednesday.

During the signing of the agreement between Miguel Alemán Velasco, president of "México Cumbre de Negocios", and the state government of Quintana Roo, the organizers made it clear that they seek to encourage economic diversification in one of the regions with the greatest growth potential in the country.

Alemán indicated that during the three days that the business summit will be held, it will seek to promote new industries and reinforce those that require greater support. He gave as an example the services demanded by the big hotels to maintain their operation, such as the repair and renovation of infrastructure and equipment.

"We want the business communities to have contact with the leaders of Europe, Asia, North and South America to identify new business opportunities," he said. Another objective of the summit, he added, is to encourage innovation in science and technology applied to industrial, commercial, and service processes, which allows advanced job training.

"We have said it: the formula for the growth of Mexico is innovation, more inclusion, more reliability".

For his part, Lorenzo Lazo Margáin, member of the Mexico Business Summit Council and director of the German company Velasco y Asociados, considered that in the south-southeast there is much to identify as market potential. The important thing of the summit, he said, is that entrepreneurs from Quintana Roo, Yucatan, Campeche, Tabasco, and Chiapas will be able to synergize and coordinate with their foreign counterparts.

"The important thing is not just that the guests come from abroad, but that the business community is open to the search for strategic partnerships, procurement, joint investments and business development." That is what has happened in each of the venues. to which we have gone in 17 years, it is the great compliment that the Summit makes ".

Lazo considered that "there is a great expectation because at the international level Mexico is under a microscope due to the change of Government and the offers of a new development project at the federal level, and there is a lot of international interest".

"As Mexico did not have a significant presence in (the summit of) Davos, many of those who go to Davos to look for business opportunities in other parts of the world will be interested in finding those answers here in Cancun."

The XVII Mexico Business Summit "Business Summit" 2019 will be held from October 20 to 22. For this edition, about 120 speakers and more than 1,000 attendees are expected.