A young woman from the United States, identified as Marissa Daniel, suffered second-degree burns after a waiter at the bar "Las de Guanatos", in Cancun, flamed a drink during a birthday party and produced a flame that reached the tourist's face. Marissa Daniel and a group of friends were celebrating the birthday of one of its members when the accident occurred, which was published in a video on social networks.

The video shows the people celebrating the birthday of a young woman, to whom they bring a drink to their table and begin to flame it, so Marissa Daniel approaches to pick up her friend's hair backward and seconds later, the waiter sprays alcohol with a bottle to the tray where the drink was, which caused a flame to reach the legs of the young celebrant.

While the American tourist tries to help the guest, the waiter pours more alcohol into the drink, which caused a flame that reached Marissa Daniel's hair and face. In a publication on her social networks, the victim explained that the incident happened last April 4 at the bar "Las de Guanatos" in Cancun and that the second-degree burns caused damage to the left side of her face, left ear, and arm.

Marissa Daniel and her friends were spending their last night in Mexico, so they went to celebrate her friend's birthday, which ended in a tragedy. In the publication, the young woman, originally from the United States, mentioned that the bar staff did not provide her with help, so she seeks to take legal action against those responsible and against the establishment.