According to state authorities at the moment only visitors can enjoy the beaches in Cancun, but it seems that not everyone is happy with this decision and for proof, we have this video where Mexican sharks decide to run out of the sea foreign tourists, who had the intention of taking a good dip in the crystalline waters, however, instead they got a tremendous scare.

In the 43 second recording you can see from the beginning how one of these travelers decides to exercise a little by swimming in the sea, moving away little by little from the beach wanting to show off his physical condition, but not in his wildest dreams did he expect to find himself in a dangerous situation.

A few moments later, a shark appeared on the scene and quickly caught up with the foreign tourist and, in order to catch up with him, passed very close to the man, who felt the water move but could not see the shark in spite of the transparent waters of Cancun.

From the beach the friends of this visitor could see the shark and began to shout to call the attention of the tourist in the sea, achieving their objective quickly, since the man in danger decided to turn around, but the shark was already very close.

When he understood what was happening, this scared human observed how a huge Mexican shark was approaching from the front, splitting the water due to its speed, which is why he quickly turned around swimming like never before in his life, trying to get away and get out of the sea, leaving everything behind full of fright.

Throughout the quarantine the presence of sharks on the beaches of the Mexican Caribbean was increasing letting itself be seen as in many years it did not happen, that is to say, in a constant way and so near the shore, besides staying there during a quite prolonged time.

In this pandemic, from the beginning, there have been witnesses of how not only sharks have appeared in Cancun, but also birds in danger of extinction decided to take advantage of an environment free of humans.