Cancun favorite destination for bare knucle


Cancun is still an enviable destination not only for its beautiful beaches, and its popular Party Center, because in recent years it has also been the favorite for the holding of various congresses and sporting events, and this time it was chosen as the first city outside of the United States of North America for the completion of the Bare Knuckle 2019 tournament.

Portrait of a Bare Knuckle Boxer from Flickr
Portrait of a Bare Knuckle Boxer from Flickr

David Feldman, the director of the brand said that this new sport of combat, is a trend that is gaining more acceptance among the public, since it is different from the rest of the fights, being a clean fist, without gloves, or any protection, making a show more real and neighborhood. The event will be held at Beto Ávila Baseball Stadium on February 2.

Source> Canal10

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