With the participation of more than 150 players from various parts of the world, including those selected from Mexico, everything is ready for the 2019 Beach Tennis World Cup and the ITF Cancun Beach Tennis Tour. This event will be held from May 14 to 19 on the beaches of the Grand Park Royal Cancun hotel and will be held in the confirmed categories are Men's Doubles and Women's Singles, Men's Singles, and Women's Singles and Mixed Singles.

This competition is part of the Beach Tennis Tour, which awards ITF points in the Singles mode, while for the doubles modality, cash prizes will be awarded per couple. The competition system will be classified in the first stage, while the winners will advance to the finals. The matches in the case of ITF will be awarded the victory to the best of three sets; while for the IFBT World Cup (purple), it will be 6 games and 7 games.

The participants come from countries such as Argentina, Puerto Rico, the United States, Brazil, Aruba, among other countries. Mexico will participate with a selection of Quintana Roo that has a high competitive level. Mariano Errecalde, president of Beach Tennis Cancun, commented that it will be a fun tournament with a high level of competition, as some of the best from each country come.

"For us, it is important that Cancun is the venue for this international tournament, more and more people are joining the project and playing Beach Tennis, we are proud of that."

The exponents of Quintana Roo have experienced players and will undoubtedly have great participation in the circuit, as well as in the World Cup representing Mexico.