Cancun and Riviera Maya reinvent themselves and surprise


It seems that everything is said about the beautiful beaches of Cancun. Or on its pleasant hotels with infinity pools and views of the Caribbean. Or about its archaeological sites. But the truth is that this Mexican city, located in the state of Quintana Roo, constantly reinvents itself and surprises tourists year after year.

Mexico is one of the destinations most sought after by travelers. According to the Expedia website, it is the eighth most popular tourist destination in the world.
Mexico is one of the destinations most sought after by travelers. According to the Expedia website, it is the eighth most popular tourist destination in the world.

Underwater world

More than 500 sculptures submerged in the sea make up the impressive view of Musa, the Underwater Art Museum located off the coast of Cancun. The Manchones and Punta Nizuc galleries make up the museum, distributed in a space of more than 420 square meters. Currently, the process of development of this project, done by the British sculptor Jason deCaires, is exhibited. Likewise, five sculptures that represent presenters of the American television network NBC are on display.

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Water and lots of fun

In Cancun and the Riviera Maya there are the parks of the Experiencias Xcaret company. They promote two attractions that promise more adrenaline. One of them is the Children's World, dedicated to children under 12 to enjoy slides, tunnels and more. The other is in the Xel-Há park, which inaugurates Faro Tobogán, a 40-meter-high (131 feet) attraction, through which lovers of speed will slide at 8 meters per second.

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Ruins of paradise

Tulum National Park is on the Yucatan Peninsula, just 55 minutes from Cancun by land. The importance of this city lies in that, according to archaeologists, it was the religious center of the Mayan culture, as well as a place of economic exchange. The Ceremonial Enclosure, the Temple of the Frescoes and the imposing Castle are the vestiges that still survive of the indigenous culture of the 16th century, which saw the arrival of the Spaniards.

Beaches and rest

Is it enough with 20 km (12 miles) of coastline for a well-deserved rest? They are more than enough, considering that in this space Cancun has made available to tourists more than a dozen beaches.

On this coast there is not only sea and sun. On beaches like Caracol and Gaviota Azul there are clubs and restaurants, while at Las Perlas y Tortuga the sea is calm and suitable for the whole family.

If it's a party, Chac Mool beach is ahead, because it's close to the popular Coco Bongo. For those who love underwater sports, Isla Mujeres is 20 minutes by boat from Puerto Juarez de Cancun, as well as Nizuc Beach, where colorful reefs of Cancun lie.

If the idea is to get away from the noise and enjoy maritime views, Playa Ballenas or Marlín are ideal.

Chichen Itza

These Mayan ruins are an unmissable tourist destination. They are considered a World Heritage Site by Unesco located in the Yucatan Peninsula and tourists from around the world attend during the spring and fall equinoxes to observe how the corner of the pyramid projects the shadow of a feathered serpent. The sun moves and the shadow of the snake slides down the side of the pyramid.

At the end of 2016, researchers from the Autonomous University of Mexico (Unam) found that within the Pyramid of Kukulkán there is a second structure.