Cancun, a destination par excellence in sports tourism


Cancun is home to 100 sporting events on average per year, which represent economic benefits, jobs, and benefits for the population.

Cancun is a destination par excellence for this segment, said the municipal President Mara Lezama, to participate in the official announcement of the Challenge Cancun Weare triathlon 2019, which will take place on April 28.

This triathlon is part of the Challenge Family, which is the series of fastest growing triathlons in recent years, with 50 medium and long distance competitions in 25 different countries.

"This gives us an idea of the impact that Cancun and its people have on employment and economic benefits. Therefore, this administration is convinced that one of its priority tasks is to promote the municipality as a venue for the organization of world-class events. "

Mara Lezama, said that the Cancun brand has a great weight in the international market and this year they have a very ambitious plan for Sports Tourism, which includes in the agenda for 2019, the cycling race of the Tour de France brand, as well as the fifth edition of the Sustainable Fishing Tournament "Captain Ferrat", among others.