A group of foreigners and residents went to the macro vaccination module in La Lija at midday. They demanded to be vaccinated, as it is a requirement to travel, especially to Canada, a country that tightened its sanitary measures when it reopened its borders.

Approximately 25 people of other nationalities came to the Coapinole, accompanied by some residents or locals; they said that they were in the same situation, mostly from 18 to 30 years old, they pointed out that the vaccines admitted by the Canadian health authorities are: Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Jenssen -Johnson & Johnson.

They asked to speak with the regional director of Bienestar Jalisco in Puerto Vallarta, Ernesto Sanchez, who attended them, but explained that it would not be possible, as they were only applying boosters to the 50 to 59 year old age group who were vaccinated in May.

This was in accordance with the Mexican federal government's vaccination policy, which is oriented by age groups, with a specific type of vaccine for each one. This provoked angry complaints and pressure to have them immunized so that they could fly to the northern countries of the continent, since they had to return to study or work.

They pointed out that those under 29 years of age were assigned only Sinovac vaccines, which are not accepted by some countries, in addition to confining them in quarantine. They asked to be injected with AstraZeneca, which was to be left over on the last day dedicated to those over 50.

The delegate Ernesto Sanchez said he would make arrangements, but the plaintiff group was desperate, since they pointed out that otherwise they would have to stay in Vallarta until September. Although they waited for more than two hours there, they finally could not get the vaccines.