Tourists from Canada are among the most important for the destination of Los Cabos, since they represent 10% of the total number of international visitors arriving to the coast of Southern California, in addition to having a longer stay, informed Rodrigo Esponda, director of the Fideicomiso de Turismo (Fiturca). Therefore, if the contagions remain under control by COVID-19, the arrival of approximately 50,000 Canadians could be expected in the second half of the year, with the opening of airlines from the North American country.

"Flights are already scheduled for September, the first week of September 2 weekly flights will be arriving, so that as of October they will start to increase to 3 frequencies, we are even in conversations with a new airline from Canada that will be starting operations at the end of October. Air Canada has also announced that it will be flying to the destination by November and from there we will gradually recover the market", he highlighted.

The recovery of Canadian tourism is vital, since it represents the second most important international market, only after the United States, and this is due to the fact that their average stay is 11 days, twice as many days as the average national or American tourist.

"The recovery of the Canadian flow, which as you know is our second international market after the United States, and for us it is vital that Canadians continue to arrive as they have done in previous years, it is also a market that has been in double digits, and that has a longer pernota than the U.S. market - approximately 11 days on average in their stay - well, it has many positive dynamics," said the Director of Fiturca.

In January the Canadian government issued a travel alert for Mexico, due to a significant increase in the number of contagions, but after the vaccination campaigns and sanitary protocols, Esponda said, the year could close with a flow of 2.5 million visitors, both national and international.

"If everything goes as it has been going so far with the participation of everyone, the protocols and the state of vaccination, which has been very high in the particular case of Los Cabos, and the tests that have been carried out among the collaborators of the tourism industry, we could be closing the total tourist flow of around 2.5 million visitors, both national and foreign," he concluded.