Call to declare emergency due to number of femicides in Mexico City


Friends, relatives and authorities of the Autonomous University of Mexico City UACM, have launched a campaign to demand security for women in the capital of the country, and a thorough investigation into the murder of 18-year-old communication student, Leslye Leticia. Hernández Moreno, disappeared on November 10 and whose body was found on January 11, in the mud of a canal in Xochimilco.

Image: Pixabay
Image: Pixabay

The Unit of Gender and Feminisms of the UCM called out the government of the CDMX to declare an emergency in the capital, taken into account the number of femicides that are reported every day in the capital city, "because it (reporting) only works as a standardization of horror, which dehumanizes and reinforces the relations of inequality of gender, race and class".

The technical secretary of the Unit, lawyer Claudia Domínguez Hernández informed SemMéxico of the event and said that the UACM community regretted that the lives and aspirations of many young women are in the hands of organized crime or end up as femicides.

She said that femicide is the responsibility of the Mexican State since it is a matter of national security, intelligence and public security, therefore "we demand security for all women and in the case of Leslye a thorough investigation, due process and access to justice".