CAFFENIO recognized as Best Mexican Company 2018


This recognition, which is granted for the eighth consecutive year, is delivered to companies with high performance in their business practices and processes and which also serve as a platform to expose, recognize and promote the best business practices.

CAFFENIO is considered among the Best Mexican Companies for its governance practices and its Sustainability strategy. With a business trajectory of 77 years in the market, CAFFENIO receives this recognition endorsed by Citibanamex, Deloitte Mexico and Tecnológico de Monterrey.

Best Mexican Company 2018 (Photo: Courtesy of MEM)
Best Mexican Company 2018 (Photo: Courtesy of MEM)

Best Mexican Companies (MEM) is an initiative that seeks to recognize companies with a high level of performance in business management. This recognition is aimed at Mexican private medium-sized companies, focused on continuous improvement. From the experience of 20 years registered by Deloitte Canada, this program starts in Mexico in 2010 with the sum of Citibanamex and Tecnológico de Monterrey.

With the arrival of MEM in Mexico, it seeks to recognize those organizations that are distinguished by their performance in business management, and at the same time, as a platform to expose and promote better business practices in Mexico.

A characteristic of this recognition is that the distinction is not granted to only one person, but the collective effort of the collaborators of each organization is recognized: to its entire management group and to its entire workforce.

The winning companies obtain a badge for a year that shows them as the best companies in the country, being disseminated, in addition, by social networks, web page, interviews and other means of communication, as cases of business success.

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