Cabify diversifies in Mexico and will launch scooters


The strike of the Spanish taxi drivers accumulates eight days, meanwhile, the national company, Cabify, tries to diversify its services in Latin America.

Cabify diversifies in Mexico
Cabify diversifies in Mexico

Despite the seven years that Cabify has been in the Mexican market, it has not managed to match the number of clients Uber has and with the arrival of the Chinese company, Didi, the competition is now more difficult.

The company also decided to enter the field of rent of electric scooters and scooters, the start date of this service is not yet confirmed, however, the general director of Cabify Mexico, Ramón Escobar, assured that it would be in the first quarter of this 2019 through its Movo brand.

While in Spain the company is one of the most recognized in the travel service, outside of that country, the company is expanding its shared travel business thanks to the alliance it made with the company Easy taxi in Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Peru and Mexico, although without being one of the leading brands.

In Spain Cabify faces the aggression of taxi drivers who are on strike to ban the permits for drivers that provide shared trips services.

The Mexican carpool market is virtually dominated by Uber, with the newcomer Didi being the strongest rival, according to information from technology portal The Information.

However, in the market for electric motorcycles for rent, only Econduce is located in Mexico City and in the scooter sector, the best known are Lime and Grin.

For its part, Spain has been one of the countries that has reacted the most against shared taxi services, which has made it more difficult to advance this mobility strategy for companies such as Cabify and Uber.

Cabify entered late to the market of shared motorcycles in Spain, because only in Madrid you can find up to six different brands, the most recent being Cabify, however, your knowledge of Mexico makes it easier to enter market and become a strong competitor.

A little more complicated will be the market of scooters where there are already at least two competitors, but the lack of charging stations, complicates the continuity of travel on a single scooter, so it has opportunity.

The future of Cabify car travel service will continue in the shadow of the gigantic Uber and being another brand hated by the taxi drivers of the world, however, the early diversification of its mobility services within such a large and important market as Mexico. , could give him the push that his brand Cabify did not manage to consolidate his presence in the country.