Out of 100 businesses opened in Mexico, 39 have closed; retail trade predominates


90% of the businesses created in Mexico since 2014 are still active, according to Inegi; one of the fastest growing are beauty clinics.

In Mexico there are more businesses dedicated to nightlife than museums, history sites and zoos.
In Mexico there are more businesses dedicated to nightlife than museums, history sites and zoos.

According to Inegi, there are 31,161 nightclubs, bars, and canteens, while only 1,822 museums, history businesses, and zoos.

Veracruz is the state that has a greater number of businesses of this turn with 3,698, followed by Oaxaca (2,430), Chiapas (2,362), Jalisco (2,362) and Mexico City (2,108).

In contrast, there are states with little nightlife and alcohol. One of them, which has the fewest nightclubs, bars, and cantinas in the country, is Colima, with only 142.

Campeche has 240 businesses, Baja California 257, Querétaro 303, Durango 346 and Aguascalientes 365, according to figures from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography.

The five entities with more establishments dedicated to cultural activity are CDMX (180), Jalisco (141), Oaxaca (103) Veracruz (99), and Puebla (94).

Campeche (14), Colima (14), Aguascalientes (24), Nayarit (25) and Querétaro (38) have fewer museums and sites dedicated to history and culture.

The Institute reported that in 2018 the country's museums reported a total influx of 67.7 million visitors, 7.4 million less than in 2017, a drop of almost 10%.

In that year the main theme of museums in Mexico was history (44.2%), followed by art (23.1%), and archaeology (21.1%).

The National Statistical Directory of Interactive Economic Units (Denue), conducted by Inegi and updated until November this year, reveals that already total 5 million 447 thousand 591 establishments of all productive sectors in the country, 10.6% more than in 2014.

Most of these businesses correspond to retail trade, with 2,198,276 establishments; it is followed by the category of other services, with 814,475 companies, and manufacturing industries with 606,823.

Oxxos in every corner

Such is the diversification of products and services that has added the Oxxo network of stores in Mexico, that its rapid growth has allowed it to become the largest retail company in Latin America by the number of stores.

In Mexico we practically see them in every corner: there are 17,152 Oxxo stores.

As of November 2019, there are 1,982 7-eleven stores, which have sought to compete and have used a business model similar to that of Oxxo, as well as Circle K and Extra.

The State of Mexico (1,294) and CDMX (1,276) have the largest number of retail trade in self-service and department stores.

The entities with less business in this area are Campeche, with 86; and Tlaxcala with 105.

Beauty sells

One of the businesses that open the most in Mexico is beauty clinics: there are 235,982 throughout the country. The State of Mexico has 32,982; the CDMX 21,958, and Jalisco 19,152.

Where there are still few businesses in this area is in Campeche (1,373), Baja California Sur (1,479), Quintana Roo (2 thousand 449).

The number of beauty clinics approximates to the establishments dedicated to entertainment in recreational facilities with 294 thousand 36 businesses.

Tacos and cakes

Cakes and tacos are undoubtedly one of the most representative dishes of Mexican gastronomy. The businesses that are dedicated to preparing these antojitos are in total: 135 thousand 437.

The states with the most taquerias and torterías are the State of Mexico (14,241), Jalisco (13,499), Mexico City (10,863), and Durango (6,895).

The states of Baja California Sur (685), Campeche (966), Quintana Roo (1,444) and Aguascalientes (1,547) have the fewest taquerias and torterías.

Gyms, hotels, and funeral homes

The survey also reveals that there are 25,283 gyms and 25,395 businesses registered in the area of hotels and lodging.

There are only 5,849 registered establishments that offer funeral and wake services.

Banks with more branches

Bancomer: 8 thousand 589

Banorte 7 mil 799

Santander: 7 thousand 575

HSBC: 6 thousand 754

Banamex 3 thousand 392

90.6% of companies have survived in the past 5 years

The update of economic units shows that 39 out of every 100 businesses in the 2015 Interactive Denue (identified in 2014) were de-registered between 2014 and 2019.

In the same period of five years, registrations represent 49.6% of the total business had in 2014 and are now part of Denue 2019.

As for the businesses that remain active, 90.6% have survived more than 5 years, that is, they started operations before 2014, while the remaining 9.4% are satisfied with the businesses that have survived from 0 to 5 years according to the reported year of the start of operations.

Approximately 87% of the country's businesses are microenterprises, that is, they have from zero to 5 employees.

Interactive Denue is obtained by traveling through the urban areas of the country block by block during the 2019 Economic Census to update the information of already registered businesses, capture new economic units and identify those that are no longer active.

Source: Animalpolitico.com

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