Business confidence in Mexico increased in May


For the fourth consecutive month, business confidence in Mexico rose in May, driven by an economic recovery after its fall in 2020, the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi) indicated today.

According to Inegi's Business Confidence Indicators (ICE), in May, business confidence in the manufacturing, construction, services, and commerce sectors registered positive figures, due to a better perception of business managers in the five components that make up the indicator, compared to a year earlier.

Indicators in manufacturing, construction, and commerce increased, as a result of monthly increases in these components, which include the right time to invest, the current economic situation, and the future of the country and the company.

Inegi also reported the results of the Global Trend Business Opinion Indicator, which tracks businessmen's perception of the course of economic activity, which stood at 54.3 points in original figures, up 12.2 points compared to the same month last year.

By Mexicanist