Building bridges with North America through the literary universe


The 14th Edition bets on new audiovisual events with music and sound; it will be held from February 13 to 17 brings together more than 100 activities

San Miguel de Allende International Writers Festival 2019 will be held from February 13 to 17.
San Miguel de Allende International Writers Festival 2019 will be held from February 13 to 17.

An open and inclusive event that builds bridges between new audiences and literature, is the bet of the 14th edition of the San Miguel de Allende International Writers Festival, which will be held the second week of next month and stands out as the bilingual cultural space most important in Mexico.

"We have been working in this event for 14 years, it is the most important bilingual festival in Mexico and we want it to be the most outstanding in North America. It is a conference where the most important feathers come together from Canada, the United States and Mexico. There is always a thematic axis that we define for this meeting, which in 2019 arrives with a new, more current, more contemporary look, "said La Razón Armida Zepeda, director of the festival.

On this occasion the event aims to create bridges between the literary offer, its creators and audiences, for that reason they stand out in the programming: Literary Death Match; The fabulous oral machine! and Voices of women, which are special events that on this occasion give a more playful essence to all the proposals.

"This time we have the so-called Special events, which is an alternative to attract the public, Literary Death Match and that goes beyond the literary conference. It is a more playful and fun way. In this event we invite the "death in the ring" of readers, a paraphernalia of what is wrestling, with big microphones and lights, there is also the program The fabulous oral machine !, which is a way to get closer to the narrative, but supported by new methods, audiovisual music, sound and image, a bet of approach through music and voice. All to get closer to the literature more relaxed, "explained Zepeda.

Another feature of the festival is the literary wealth in the English and Spanish languages that will be presented simultaneously. This year the most important contemporary authors of North America are summoned.

"The use and change of languages are shared by those who participate. It happened to us that it was also a very good opportunity to show this. In the case of the writers Clement and Rivera Garza; both are activists and empowered women, with recognition and defend many social causes. That's why we thought it could be a good dumbbell, where each one of us will talk about what it is to read and write in different languages, which are crossing borders constantly, how it changes, how it works, if it changes or disappears ".

In addition to being a conference open to all kinds of cultural expression, another of the successes of the event is that it has a social category in which emerging writers are encouraged.

"I would like to emphasize that this year we celebrated ten years of a small program that began as the Scholarship Program, we started by granting scholarships to two local boys from San Miguel de Allende, who had won various courses so they could live the experience from the inside. We have been growing, this year we will have 23 scholars, 20 who won with an essay and three who also won through literary creation contests ", concluded the interviewee.

The literary meeting will feature more than 100 activities that include workshops, lectures, panels, editorial advice for authors in English and Spanish, as well as forums and contests.

via: La Razon