Bosch creates innovation hub in Guadalajara

With an investment of 10 million dollars, the German company Bosch inaugurated its corporate building, where it will promote the training of human talent for the production of technological solutions demanded by the industry.

 The company seeks to promote software development, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, mobility and connectivity. Photo: Pixabay
The company seeks to promote software development, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, mobility and connectivity. Photo: Pixabay

It is one of the most innovative projects for Bosch in Mexico; This technology and innovation hub has 10 levels and is the first of its kind for the company in the country.

The new building is located in the Sania shopping center in Guadalajara, Jalisco, where it will operate on an area of 10,600 square meters to respond to the growth in demand for products and services.

In 2014, Bosch started with only 14 employees, today it has more than 400 employees in Guadalajara and plans to reach 1,000 employees by 2020.

René Schlegel, president of Bosch Mexico, said that Bosch plays an important role in the digital era, so it was essential to have a site in Mexico where services and solutions for the connected world are developed and implemented.

Meanwhile, Mike Mansuetti, president of Robert Bosch North America, said that this new location allows them to continue the important collaboration with business and academic communities in Mexico to bring to the market the technological innovations of the future.

"North America continues to be a very important market for Bosch, the opening of this new site reflects the maturity of our presence in Mexico and the continent," he said.

In this regard, Ricardo Silva Córdoba, director of human resources of Robert Bosch Mexico, told Mexico Industry that this building was designed in such a way that it can have in one place a space of collaboration, creativity and innovation.

He explained that each floor has a different theme and purpose from the point of view of creativity and innovation.

"It's the best Bosch building in Mexico; goes beyond the previous concepts that have been seen in other technology companies, because our associates (workers) can have a direct contact with the Connectory, which is the second center that we opened in Guadalajara, and can even interact with startups and interested in new business, "he said.

According to Ricardo Silva, the aim of Connectory is to create an ecosystem, where young students, entrepreneurs and startups can come together with Bosch to generate new ideas that can turn into successful businesses, mainly related to artificial intelligence, internet of things (IoT) and digitalization, among others.

This, he said, means that Bosch associates will not only work inside the building and collaborate with their own colleagues, they also collaborate with entrepreneurs and startups who are starting a new business.

Silva said that Guadalajara has found very talented people and young people with enthusiasm, and that Bosch joins this wave of innovation in the technological cluster, known as the Mexican Silicon Valley.

These new facilities bring together specialists and engineers focused on software development, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, mobility and connectivity, and engineering solutions, among other activities.

In the building, the floors 2 to 10 make up the office area and are built under the concept of Inspiring Working Conditions (IWC), which consists of creating inspiring, spacious, well-lit and comfortable spaces that promote a change in work culture, under three main environments: disruptive, visionary and fun.

Collaborators can take a moment to relax, find inspiration, develop their creativity and create solutions in a connectivity environment that meet the needs and expectations that the market demands today and in the future.

The first floor is occupied by the Connectory, a place of coworking with startups that seek to attract and promote the development of new technologies.

The spaces are designed to encourage creativity, learning, the flow of ideas among members of a team and interaction with the Connectory by Bosch & Centraal community.

In addition to the intelligent building and Connectory, Bosch develops events in the main universities of the State, recently was in the University Center of Exact Sciences and Engineering (CUCEI) of the University of Guadalajara to carry out the Bosch Day, where there were exhibitions and challenges for the students and academics.

"The truth has been an extraordinary experience since we met Ruth Padilla (Rector CUCEI), we opened the doors two months ago we started contacting her and she was the best promoter so that we could have this Bosch Day at the University of Guadalajara, we tried to bring all the Bosch technology we have, particularly in the Internet of Things, digitization and artificial intelligence so that students could have access to these technologies, through the exhibition of the different conferences and the Innovation panel we were able to bring technology closer of Bosch to the students of the CUCEI ", commented Ricardo Silva Córdoba, national director of human resources of Robert Bosch Mexico.

Bosch donated 50 XDK monitors (didactic material) to the University of Guadalajara, indispensable for professionals, students, teachers and specialists who are involved in the transformation of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things.

"We just donated 50 XDK which is a Bosch sensor that allows you as a student to enter the internet of things, it is a system that measures eight different variables to monitor in real time the productivity of a plant, a machine, optimize the energy consumption within a building and even increase the productivity of a greenhouse, "he explained.

For Silva Córdoba, the human capital in Jalisco is highly trained and can interact with workers from all over the world in order to strengthen the brand.

"What we have found (Jalisco students) is an extraordinary positive attitude, they are open to learn, contribute and team up with workers from other countries to achieve the company's results, we are very happy with the talent in Jalisco, we will continue investing and growing. In Bosch Guadalajara we are more than 400 and in the future there will be 1,000 work positions for Guadalajara, "he estimated.

In this regard, Marco Antonio Pérez Cisneros, director of Electronics and Computing of CUCEI, was happy with the completion of Bosch Day, as it encourages students to innovate.

"The Bosch Day is a culmination of this collaboration. Bosch had references of the local ecosystem, other actors told him that the CUCEI is working on this aspect, so he decided to ask us to host this event; It was a great display, "he said.

Bosch promoted a challenge that served to familiarize students with the XDK device, and to promote technological platforms or tools that help solve everyday problems, so Pérez Cisneros was grateful for that link academy and productive sector.

"We had the Bosch challenge organization, which consisted of our best students forming a team of three people and using the XDK device to solve a particular problem with a sense of innovation," he said.

Finally, he informed that the first three places were designs for the area of Public Transport, intelligent housing and for the smart planting area and vegetables.

Bosch has 12 locations in Mexico and more than 16,000 associates throughout the country.

Source: Mexico Industry