Boost for solar power business in Mexico


The first "Solar Power Mexico" fair, to be held in March 2019 in Mexico City, will bring companies from Europe, the United States and China to the country with technological innovations such as energy storage, which will allow the promotion of new business models for this industry in Mexico.

The companies Deutsche Messe, SNEC and Solar Power International joined forces to bring this fair to the country, the first B2B business event among companies for professionals in solar energy, storage and related fields, which provides access to the Mexican market, which is the most dynamic in Latin America.

In the opinion of Deutsche Messe, solar power industry is experiencing a boom in the country and opportunities have multiplied as the photovoltaic energy sector expands.

"Solar Power Mexico will be useful to analyze market opportunities, and will address the ways in which an increasingly complex environment can be managed," it said in a statement.

The multinational Siemens will participate in this fair, which is considered a world leader in electricity transmission technology and which in Mexico participates in 50 percent of the distribution. Siemens will show the most globally advanced technology that can support renewable energy.

The fair will also exhibit the latest innovations and solutions, as well as exhibitions and forums with industry experts, who will share their perception of the solar segment and storage markets in Mexico.