Through its social networks, Ocesa announced a new date for Björk's Cornucopia show at Mexico City's Bicentennial Park. In addition to her concerts on August 17, 20, 23, and 27, the soprano will showcase her show Cornucopia on August 30.

According to Ocesa, there are few tickets left for August 20, 23 and 27, while those for August 17 are completely sold out. The new feature will feature a Citibanamex Pre-Sale on August 12 and the general sale will begin a day later through the Ticketmaster System. Prices: $10,000 Red/ $6,500 Blue/ $4,500 Yellow/ $2,000 Magenta/ $1,500 Black.

Björk's new show

On May 8th, Björk debuted a new live show called Cornucopia, which has been described as her "most elaborate show in history". The concert at The Shed, a new art venue in Hudson Yards in Manhattan, New York, confirmed that this is their most quirky and brilliant show to date. All designed by Tobias Gremmler.

The evening began with a twenty-minute performance in which a choir of 50 Icelandic children called Hamrahlid Choir delivered their interpretation of several songs from the country of the soprano. After its end, Björk arrived in a masquerade and dressed in an extravagant way in a suit designed exclusively by Oliver Rousting of the luxury firm Balmain to review her entire musical career.

The show has been described as a magical and experimental experience.

Over a career of just over four decades, the visionary artist has developed an eclectic musical style based on a variety of influences and genres including ambient music, trip-hop, IDM and avant-garde elements.

As published by Rock NYC, the show was a "stunningly beautiful musical and visual illustration of a world where people and nature intersect by pollination in a matriarchal society. The arrangement of the show gave the impression that the sound came from a completely alien place, resulting in a supernatural effect on the audience. Rock NYC continued their review, describing the concert as "imagine Avatar as a plant-based on a human mixture.

Björk's career

Björk Guðmundsdóttir was born on 21 November 1965 in Reykjavik, Iceland, starting her musical preparation at the age of three, when she began singing pieces from the musical The Sound Of Music, influenced by her parents. Shortly afterward she became interested in the American duo Sparks and the Liverpool quartet The Beatles. In addition, thanks to this interest, she gained access to the work of brothers Johnny and Edgar Winter, as well as Yoko Ono's Fluxus compositions at a very young age.

At the age of eleven, she recorded her first album after winning the attention of a radio station in Iceland, Radio One. The material is a collection of Icelandic versions of songs by artists such as The Beatles and Stevie Wonder.

Shortly thereafter she became interested in the ideology rito grrrl and was part of several punk groups, some successful and others without a proper reception. It was not until he came to The Sugarcubes that she achieved international fame, a new-wave band with interesting experiments in the integration of organic elements in their primarily electronic compositions. After her separation, she pursued a solo career with which she has reached one of the maximum podiums in commercial and critical recognition for any type of performer.

In 1993 Debut was released, which was called the album of the year by the NME and reached the Platinum Record of the United States. From there she experimented with industrial rock and jazz in Post (1995), trip-hop in Homogenic (1997), and glitch-pop in Vespertine (2001). In addition, she gained recognition as an actress thanks to her leading role in the Palme d'Or winner, Dancer In The Dark (1999).