Ten years ago Microsoft introduced Bing, a search engine that sought to compete with Google to gain user preferences in Web queries. Along the way, it integrated with Yahoo, but this union failed to be the winner in the race to be the most popular alternative on the Internet. Google remains the most used search engine with 76.17 percent of the market, while Bing has 9.56 percent, according to figures from the consulting firm Net Market Share in the last year from laptops and desktops.

However, the queries in Bing are still valid, but the most searched term is in the hands of an unexpected recipient: Google, its eternal competitor. As of July this year, Microsoft's Bing users searched Google about 45.51 million times. "This represents 14.72 percent of Bing's entire search volume worldwide," Ahrefs said in a statement. The curious fact does not stop at this point, and the most searched terms after Google are YouTube and Facebook, on a podium where Microsoft services are conspicuous by their absence.

The Ahrefs report also confirms a suspicion of every Windows user: Microsoft's search engine is used to download the competitor's browser. "The most interesting observation is that global searches use Bing to download Chrome, Google's browser. Users do not use Bing and are not happy with Microsoft's Edge, which uses Bing as the default search engine," the report adds.