Best Western plans to open 10 hotels in Peru in the next eight years


The hotel chain Best Western prepares its expansion plan in the region, which began already with the restructuring of its Latin American operations, by locating its regional offices in Lima and Mexico City.

Best Western Premier Suite
Best Western Premier Suite

The Regional Director of the chain in South America, Richard Rehwaldt, announced that soon an agreement would be signed to open 10 hotels in Peru over the next 8 years.

"We are in conversations with a group that has asked us for the exclusivity of one of our brands for 10 projects in eight years. It wants to make a chain based in Lima, but with presence in several provinces," he said.

In addition, the chain will enter the luxury sector with the brand 'WorldHotels', around which the Senior Vice President of International Operations of the U.S. group, Suzi Yoder, has high expectations. 

"There are many luxury hotels in the region that do not have a global brand, they will be targeted with our new brand," she said.

In this regard, Rehwaldt noted that talks to open a hotel of that brand in San Isidro are 99%. 

"It is a product that should enter the Peruvian market in six months," he said.

Best Western is also preparing the opening of its projects in Arequipa and Colca. In addition, agreements are expected to be signed for two more locations in Lima and Puno. The company plans to have ten hotels in the country by 2020.

By Mexicanist Source Agencies

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